Vautour IIA IDF/AF

Well hello
Today I found out about that Vautour IIA is now starts from the AF.
This is sad because before it gets going the whole team is already at least 2-3 km above the battlefield,
so now vautour is just a pinata with free kill tag.
This is dead plane now gg gaijin

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At high tiers everyone starts on the airfield. You can thank the A-4 mafia for that. You have to get creative or follow the fighters in and hope they do their job.

Yep… found this out this morning as well. Easily the most insane change I can think of from Gaijin. It just doesn’t make sense.

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I wish air spawns were the norm for everything but sim.

Taking off and getting to speed is boring

City is the only map I know where everyone gets an air spawn.