V-1 flying bomb (buzz bomb)

After searching and acquiring information i want to introduce air lunched V-1 flying bomb.

V-1 flying bomb was able to be lunched from He-111, Ju-188, Fw-200 and He-177







HD Stock Video Footage - Fi103 (V-1) Flying Bomb launch from a German FW-200 bomber

HD Stock Video Footage - V-1 flying bombs Fi103 launched from a German HE-111 bomber aircraft, and from a German JU-188 bomber aircraft.

My idea of implementing this kind of weapon in game is to give tha player the ability to mark a point on the map and this point will represent where the bomb will fall same concept of artillery.

V-1 specifications:

Mass: 2,150 kg

Length: 8.32 m

Width: 5.37 m

Height: 1.42 m

Warhead: Trialen 106/109

Warhead weight: 850 kg

Detonation mechanism: Electrical impact fuze
Backup mechanical impact fuze
Time fuze to prevent examination of duds

Engine: Argus As 109-014 Pulsejet

range: 250 km

Maximum speed: 640 km/h flying between 600 and 900 m

Guidance system: Gyrocompass based autopilot

More specific informations:


More details about the warhead and Trialen 106 composition:



Trialen - Wikipedia

I gave everything i have and i want to see ppl opinions about this subject.

German explosive ordnance volume 1

Munitions-Lexikon Band 3


How do you want to balance the range of 250km in GroundBattles? Bombers could drop this baby far away and we have no SPAA that could counter this. Even other fighters have no chance.

Accuracy make it not very accurate (ofc it won’t be pinpoint accurate in the first place) plus once the bomb will be lunched the player will have no control on it thus means any moving target won’t be hit and it will take time to reach the battlefield, in small maps the V-1 won’t have the enough distance to accelerate to it’s full speed so SPAA and planes will have a change to counter it

How big is the destruction radius of this baby? I remember my grandfather talking about this thing because he lived at Usedom and he said this thing was able to destruct complete buildings and did so in London.
My point is that the chance of teamkills could be really high.
One idea is maybe that this could be the small nuke for lower ranks that you can earn.

It have a 850kg of Trialen 106/109 i believe it’s abit stronger than Trialen 105 but we will give it the same multiplier of Trialen 105 witch is 1.6 that’s mean the V-1 will have TNT equivalent of 1360kg of TNT, and if we use Gaijin calculations to calculate the distribution of armoured vehicles (we will take SC1800 as a reference) the SC1800 have 1000kg of TNT and have armour destruction radius of 30m that’s means 0.03m of armour destruction for each 1kg of TNT this means the V-1 will have armour destruction radius of 40-41m

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My opinion: We had this discussion a few days ago:

It boils down that a weapon with an accuracy of 10 km around a predetermined target area is useless in wt - and for the semi-suicide version just read the thread…

Good bombers can already do that but with much more explosive power, the V1 would also be a relatively big medium speed target in the air so shooting it down wouldn’t be impossible. It seems pretty weak really, even if you could launch it from right above your airfield

It’s a game we don’t need to put everything like real life ofc it will be unaccurate in game but not like that

I don’t think it fits the WT PvP meta for the reasons listed above.
It might make an interesting AI unit in air games similar to the bot planes that are part of existing scenarios. Make it a mission objective to intercept the V-1s.
Maybe even an event or PvE Assault mode where you have to destroy waves of buzz bombs.

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This will cause more pain than fun it’s an active armament with estimated armour destruction radius of 40m engaging it in the wrong direction will cause the warhead to explode killing you in the process of intercepting

Didn’t say it was easy. No worse than the humiliation of getting shot down by a bot gunner in a ARB game…

In my opinion it’s a weapon it ment to be used by players why should the chance of using it be taken away from players, if it was a vehicle it will make more sense to put it in a PvE but it’s not it’s a fly bomb

Because historically, the “players” (pilots) didn’t “play” it. Flying at a specific heading, altitude and pushing a button is even less compelling to most players than bombing.
Its a target, just like any target. Its unmanned which makes it perfect for AI.

Same can goes to all GBUs and air to air missiles you just lock them to something and let go this is no difference here you will mark it on something and let go