USSR tech tree is the weakest of all nation

Try playing Japan ground 💀


Ah, upon further research it appears I was fed false information, L28 is indeed an export model of the L23, even so, using it as a stock round for the Challenger 2e would make a lot of sense.

Outside of that, probably just buff the armor scheme (in a manner that doesn’t utilize any information that shouldn’t have been posted here), and then just buff the ready rack, and I’d be willing to accept the sub-par penetration.

Outside of that I guess they can add the variants/testbeds using a Rheinmetal main cannon.

If we’re talking about trees overall, I’d probably use a ranking for top 3 worst trees based on vehicles in Low (1-2), Mid, (3-4) High (5-6) and Top (7) ranks, to try and salvage something constructive out of this, I’ll throw in my own example of this for Ground trees in RB



  1. France

  2. Japan

  3. UK


  1. Isreal

  2. Sweden

  3. UK


  1. Japan

  2. Italy

  3. Isreal


  1. Isreal

  2. UK

  3. Japan

Russia isn’t even bottom 3 anywhere, at least in my subjective opinion.

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Good bait in you dreams. I test some nation verhicles and consider depend on the map, team, crew is that USSR only able to win thanks to player skills. Do you read the topic first be answer it seems not do me. I only discuss rank 3-6 verhicles and you bring the entire rank 1-7 for nothing.

Point I was making is that there is no rank that Russia is even bottom 3. In fact it rarely ever has an argument to be made for falling out of top 3 since the tree is so full and it’s generally fleshed out by solid vehicles to at least make the backbone of a lineup at any br, something most other nations sorely lack.

So you’re saying because some vics lack TVD that it’s the weakest nation? Obvious troll is obvious. USSR is hilariously overpowered.


I can still defeat players in other nation verhicles without playing USSR verhicles. Skill does matter and not the tank. You can put entire team with T-72AV and still lose if the op team know how to play.

This is bait, right? You’re trying to troll, right?


No, pointing out a problem that people still believing it if you play USSR verhicles=200% win change in battle.

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Russia has undertiered vehicles and Bias code that artificially buffs them thanks to Gaijin.
Additionally, Gaijin artificially nerfs their contemporaries and overtiers them to ensure Russian teams can succeed even when playing braindead by half.

Russia is the most egregiously overpowered and handheld nation in the game. You barely have to rub two braincells together to succeed when playing Russian vehicles. Not only is what Gaijin does a violation of fair play, but also a blatant disrespect to the nature of competition.

Since Gaijin refuses to remove the Bias code at minimum, Russia should just be removed from the game. It takes no skill or any semblance of talent to succeed with Russia. It’s criminal.


Just like every other nation ingame.

USA air:

You need to be more specific with examples, and make them varied too.

I wouldn’t consider a T-34-85 ot PT-76B super easy to play. Same with a Mig-19 and other aircraft.

BRs other than 11.7 exist too btw.

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Sure, but only Russia has nearly half their tree and several premiums undertiered.

2S38, TURMs, Ka-50/52, the entire T-series, the Spruts, Pantsir, Su-25s, early Mig-21s, KV line especially the KV-1E/B - Yes the B is for Germans but it’s the same vehicle. I could keep going but I’ll stop here for now. And don’t bother bringing up the compression argument - I’m well aware but until decompression happens many of these vehicles will be more of a menace than others.

Not to mention the Bias code; Artificially inflated slope penetration modifiers. Ammo carousals that can take direct hits and outright not detonate. Overperforming ERA stopping kinetic rounds they weren’t ever designed to stop. Artificially buffed armor producing a higher LOS than they actually are, making frontal engagements impossible for many MBTs in-game that would and can IRL slap the absolute dog out of their Russian contemporaries.

And let’s not forget the 2S38. There’s no way in hell they have enough data to justify adding it in yet they violated their own rules and added it.


You are completely out of ur mind , really.

Lots of premiums are undertiered. Gaijin is biased towards money, not russia.

All premiums. I can say USA is OP because of the F-5C, Xp-50 and the F-2G. Premiums in general are more likely to be undertiered compared to TT vehicles.

It’s really only the T-80BVM that has issues, T-72s and other tanks are really easy to kill. Spruts aren’t much different than other light tanks. The Su-25 and A-10 are very similar, but both need to go up. Early Mig-21s are relatively fine now. And the Kv-1E/B is just an issue with a rare premium bieng undertired.

Most top tier MBTs have the same ammo explosion chance, the difference is is that when you hit a RU tank, you only hit 1-2, while in NATO tanks you hit 10+.

Somehow I have 66% win ratio on BVM while nato tanks I get around 55%

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At some point the people of the forums need to realize that people like this guy and Alvis are just baiting them into arguments; though, i will admit this dude might be serious because he really doesn’t play anything other than USSR, half of his battles are in top tier Russian premiums and squad vehicles. So, perhaps it’s merely ignorance, like some of my mid-tier russian/chinese lineups are my highest winrates around 60%.


An insane take

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He’s talking about vehicles he neither owns or has played against; He only has the 2PL and bmp-2m at top tier for any nation and his next highest tier tank is the xm-1…
he’s going off of what he thinks he knows not anything he’s actually experienced through playing.

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Both things can be and are true.

Also the VIDAR saw a near-immediate uptier upon release yet the 2S38 is still criminally undertiered despite how oppressive it is. Sorry bud but the general premium bias argument just doesn’t pass the smell test.

F-5C? The only real complaint I see about it is the wonky DM. Other than that, it’s a middlin dogfighter. People forget that, die to it then mald on the forums.
XP-50? Sure, it doesn’t need the air spawn and could go to 4.7 and do fine.
F-2G? It’s a Corsair with a much better engine. Could go to 6.7 and do fine.

To add to perspective,the Su-9/11 need to go to 7.7 and the BI needs to go to 6.7 - Respect to parity and all that. Hell, the Obj 279 only recently got uptiered after all these years of near uncontested stomping of matches it partook in. Name a non-russian event vehicle that’s gotten away for as long with such stats, because I haven’t seen it.

Your last bit about the amount hit is irrelevant. You are hitting ammo directly. Ammo that is not designed to not detonate when hit. Even 1 being hit in the T-series will detonate, then set off the rest and the turret goes to space. Every single time. Without fail. Yet in War Thunder they are coded to have less chance of detonation. It is Russian Bias and that code needed to go away years ago.


As with that, gaijin has two stances:

A stupid baseless statement from a PR guy that “all russian ammo is wetstored in diesel fuel!!”

Which led guys like this poster to run on a tyrade about the false accuracy of that, and made a mess of the community for a while

And 2nd, “Balance”. They have stated many times before things are the way they are for “balancing” purposes, and many things may not be fully historical, and its “not a sim”. So they essentially beared down to, its our game and we’ll do it how we want