USSR tech tree is the weakest of all nation

I know it sound weird and many of you will disagree with the title. I compare the verhicles from rank 1-rank 7. USSR tech tree is weak in rank 3-6 by lacking of thermal images in rank 6 while other nations have thermal images in premium verhicles or in light tank/missile carrier and in rank 3-4 lack of tanks that can penetrate tanks armor or accuracy in medium range.

This means even without thermal USSR vehicles is equally or more powerful than others at their BR. Same goes for LT and ATGMs, Russians are already OP without them at rank 3-4, or you want to bring the top tier Russia experience down to WW2 and post-war rankings?


Maybe you are new to this game and didn’t know them well. But I can tell you they worth their BR, and many of them are even in dire need of a BR rise.


you got to be joking… right?


I don’t think you play enough to understand how you can win RB if you spot the enemy first. The way you talk is that you never or limited play Rank 3 with only your friends/guild to beat noobs. In rank 4 and 5 the verhicles are the same against the other nations. First spot = first kill and thermal image can make difference spotting op team in open maps with a lot of trees and bushes.

FYI everyone, he’s not talking about top tier, he’s talking about rank III-VI.
He is still wrong, USSR barely ever leaves the top 3 best nations at any BR.


so you want thermals at rank 3-6 for russians because you cannot spot people in realistic battles?


I’m making my point that must people said that USSR overpower only by hearing only see top tier. I don’t said that thermals are needed in rank 3-5 but in rank 6 can be usefull. I’m not saying that USSR airforce or navy only USSR ground forces and if you put the USSR tech tree together navy, ground and airforce then is USSR the best nation but if you seperate them in different modes then the ground forces is different story.

if a vehicle didnt have thermals, it wont get them in game.

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Try playing France with no stabilizers xD or any minor nation…


This thread is wild
Early T-34s and top tier are great, rest of the tree is mid

weakest tree? no

Try play italy. LOL

This is some pretty good bait.

I would like you to play GB, dealing with solid shot when everyone else gets explosive filler, underperforming apds that does zero damage on pen, no mobility to speak of and merely servicable armor being the main features of rank 1-5, and 6-7 you’re so outclassed, Challeneger 2 may be the worst top tier MBT.

Russian ground is top 3 in even the least generous estimates, their tree is full and their lineups have a strong mix of powerful tanks and CAS that only gets better the further you advance up the tree.

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I thought the consensus was the Merkava or Ariete AMV was the worst, even before Challenger 2E dropped

The Russian tree has great lower tier vehicles, the weakest vehicles are in other BR areas and have poor team performance

dont talk with that person, he is russian hater in video game lol


I’d disagree, the Ariete and Merkava Mk.4 have less protection, but the Chally 2 protection isn’t much better, it’s slower then either, it gets the lowest pen shell of any top tier, and with the 4 shell ready rack that takes 20 seconds to replenish 1 shell that resets on firing, you’re looking at a 10 second reload half the time

If they rolled back the ready rack nerf and added the L28 shell (roughly DM53 equal), I’d be happy with it.

Gen 1 thermals don’t really matter much, just helps you spot a bit better, and Russia Rank III-IV has some pretty good tanks.

Some of them:

  • T-34s
  • IS-1 / IS-2
  • BTR-ZD / M53/59

And that’s not considering their many good premium vehicles.

If you think the other nations are much better, you should try playing them.

How so? Excluding top tier, soviets vehicles are technologically inferior (mobility, firepower and fire control system) to their western counterparts.

If they rolled back the ready rack nerf and added the L28 shell (roughly DM53 equal), I’d be happy with it.

L28 doesn’t offer perforation comparable to DM53. L27A1 is the best anti-tank shell developed for the L30A1 cannon.