USSR still not biased, even after “seek and destroy”… Right?

So, for what time exactly would we close eyes on this madness? Every time you got versus ussr in matchmaker, you already know it will be tough game. Super easy to use and broken vehicles or jets, the most premiums that sits into a setup. Cancer spaa, cancer attackers. And it gots another TWO NEW best missile carriers(by quantity of r77) + a new t80 golden boy)))

I don’t understand, are everyone just blind, or they are just playin soviets???

P.S. Just watched this, Phly video
And understood, that it’s not just my poor experience of gaming with them. And it’s not a meme, because it’s the only nation that destroys that hard, without any effort.


I’m waiting for Premium bullets and shells just to kill Soviets

$ 1.99 per bullet ,buy 3 get 2 deals


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Not only that

When NATO or anyone outside RU is released they get most basic version with basic ammo then have to wait for years in some cases to be updated .
Meanwhile their own vehicles get released and in some cases get ammo that just doesn’t exist or version that was upgrade 30 + years after entering service ,one example of this is T 55 AM,there are many other but why bother listing it all .

We knew they were biased since they were caught giving RU extra armor way back on release of tanks.


yup tech mods even admitted this.


Which is why you will easily provide concrete proof.

go ask @Conraire

What even is this thread?
USSR is not OP


Think Russia easily has the most stacked lineup, but it is the opposite effect of minor nations where it’s the most popular so it drags statistics down to be undertiered opposed to minor nations that are always overtiered due to a lack of players.


@Conraire proof?


Entire “balancing by win rate” is B.S
Funny how IS series weren’t upped by at least two BR’s back when they dominated ,Object 279 should have been upped two ranks not br’s back when it was stomping everything .

They have always been very selective with their “balancing”

Go to old forum and search for it.
It is there ,black on white.

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why should we search for it?

you say ussr is op or whatever, provide proof to your statement


As you said, thats a balancing issue, not their tanks being OP

i can say the game is p2w, but then is it really?

there isnt a single thing that gives you an advantage in battle for paying

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Onus probandi incumbit ei qui dicit, non ei qui negat.

Well that is the same thing ,tank sitting one or two br’s then where it should be is OP …deliberate one.

Best example is atm Vidar,that is 10.0 vehicle being allowed to massacre low tiers as reward for giving Gaijin cash.

BMP was another for years ,as was 279 …not even going to mention RU radar SPAA at 8.0.

The one without HE-VT shells like the Swedish one used to have?

You are funny guy,should try standup

Premium is one
Leveling crew with eagles is another
Releasing premium vehicle/plane/heli at BR they know is wrong is another

As i said ,waiting for gold ammo any day now.

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8.7 max