User skins being visible to all

I think War Thunder user skins should be visible to all players (and you can report bad user skins)

Basically, you can choose to show your user skin through a setting in the User skins section and choose to see User skins through Game settings.

How this would be done is you would temporarily download the User’s skin through a temporary file on the server and then display that skin in game! So, on match launch the client would upload the skin to the server aswell.

Does anyone think this is a good idea?


No. I think it would use a lot of resources for not a lot of value.

If it is done, I would hope there is an opt out.


I don’t think it will ever happen. Otherwise skins would lose all their value and there’s less monetization options.

I wouldn’t mind however, even if almost impossible

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Like I said, there would be an option in settings!

Yeah, there will be people who clone skins, but you could report them?
I’d just like to show off my awful melon plane (kidding)

Do you know invisible skins? It is the first reason for why GJ removed userskins visible by all players …

and I’ll pass on pornos and nazis skins …


Yeah, thats why I reccommended a reports system, and they were there before? I wish people didn’t abuse stuff immediately.

Everyone would put dicks, swastikas, anime stuff and other pretty stuff on their tanks. You can also make airplanes invisible. Report system require someone to review reports and decide if skin is off or not, which is impossible.

No thanks.


With the amount of decals and decorations like the anime pillows already in the game, i dont see the issue. its already there. I personally dont get why they dont add more skins. It would just make them more money. Just make it all fictional so ppl that dont want to see it can hide it.

yeah, also for invisible skins, just use the default textures as an underlayer?

You should be able to see the skin if BOTH users have it installed similar to DCS.

Yeah that would also work but problem is how are they going to know if you have the same skin? Unique IDs?

No, thats not what I suggested. The reports system would remove your ability to use user skins either temporarily or permanently.

Then whats the point of adding it? Also, do you really care about skins of other players? Because I dont…

the point of adding it is for us that like skins and decorations (seeing goofy faces and shit). I like seeing what ppl put on their tank personally

In hypotetic case of that feature will be added, i will stay on my actual parameter “semi-histo and histo only”…

I dont want wound my eyes and brain with thats … Extravagant camos…

Buying fictional skins and decals in the workshop as I found out is 99% of the time pointless as the game by default has skin viewing settings to historical/semihistorical and most people don’t know about it to change it, why would I ever buy a fictional workshop skin use those decals if only I can see it 90% of the time, just get a user skin at that point. It’s a shame really, a lot of really cool gaijin made decals that you could see before are null and void automatically

Just NO.

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That’s spitting on skin makers who earn money.
No thx

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