Useful in game messages to encourage team play and leadership

It has been mentioned over the years how the game is focused on the single payer yet team play is often expected by many of the players and disappointment arises from poor teamwork .

Any way how about instead of having “Attack the D point” as a pre-set message we actually had messages dedicated to encouraging team play and leadership? eg ,somebody declares an intention and asks others for support,to flank left ,right,take centre ,whatever.Some form of direction and leadership and a highlight over the name of who is stepping up possibly .

In short in WT we are like the Russians of WW2 with no radios in their tanks versus the Germans who had radios.Russia suffered horribly as a result and here we are in game a pack of individuals who only come together by luck or Newbies thinking "What do I do? "
We can’t all have headsets and discord so utilise what we do have properly.

We all dart off to fulfill our own aims or just wander off aimlessly to try our luck.Sometimes you spawn as the only vehicle attacking a point while everybody else goes elsewhere.

Would a series of useful orders such as " I’m attacking A on me" encourage players to rally to a potential leader? Would it help players form into packs rather than play as individuals? Would it encourage 5 vs 5 shootouts rather than hiding and sniping?

OK so you could say that any drunken fool can abuse a system like that so
could we introduce a leadership award to those who reach say,level 100 ?

You get the leadership badge or whatever or you at least express an interest in getting it,or you just prove yourself by good deeds,same way you get medals.

My idea is vague and sketchy but I do feel that Warthunder need to stand up and take ownership when it comes to team play instead of mumbling about it and throwing in crew lock.Remove the spam options and replace it with something intelligent and useful as it is an opportunity missed.

What do you think ? Worth a shot or just worth S**t ? lol


Nice try but all i can suggest is squad up withh your mates

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“Nice try but all i can suggest is squad up withh your mates”

I play on my own and that is the issue,many do.The ideal solution is of course a squad or partner with proper comms but it appears so many don’t have that so I’m thinking of taking the inspiration of a squad but featuring it in game to simply replace something that amounts to garbage in reality.

I do suspect stupidity will kill the idea just as we have to endure three minutes of " Attack the D point " at the start of some games as it is but even if only a couple of tanks or planes form up behind a leader then it’s a change.
Also if we knew what our teammates were going to spawn in we could make a decision regarding SPAA etc but maybe that is another topic.


flank left ,right,take centre

Taking center: is already in the game, in the form of “attack the B point”

“On me” … is also already in the game

Flanking: sure, I agree, but that seems to be the only actual new thing you suggested. They pretty much have most of the obvious ones.

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I tried this but I got chat banned.

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‘Attack the D point’ followd by ‘Follow me’ ‘Leading for landing’

Seriously though, I just say to the team to play the long game. Sometimes I call for what people want to do… If there’s no response, I just lead them myself.

This isn’t so much stupidity, as more trying to get the team started… Those who complain about it, are too hooked up on ‘spam’ and blaming the team for that, that they’re the ones who are actually ones to avoid.

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I see what you are saying but they are just meaningless spam in the game.Thrown in after a minutes thought by Gaijin.Often what you want to say is changed and comes out as something else.Affirmative and I agree are not he same thing.Excuse me and sorry are not the same thing.

I am on about taking something further with a real understanding of what is actually being suggested and who is suggesting it.

I can also appreciate that it all becomes meaningless spam that is why I suggested some kind of limit.
I do suggest that the game is far too broken for my suggestions to work and that speaks volumes.

I might also suggest that despite the noises players make about teamwork we are all actually out for ourselves if we are truthful.

Depends on when you say it… The old ‘Well done’ when someone t-bones someone, or a push being commenced with an ‘attack the d point!’, leading for landing as you’re rushing the point, or even calling that you are repairing heading to someone to try get them to note that you are wanting to repair.

It’s not so much spam if you’re not doing it over and over for no reason.

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I’m taking a rework.The ability for a team to maybe manage who going to do what to a degree.So 3 bombers dont head for the same a target or all the tanks dont head for the same zone.

If it will all unravel because people want to be silly,then OK,I get that but I think that would speak volumes about this game and who plays and why Gaijin do what they do with the attitude they have.

It’s more about interpretation, and tolerance, of which I feel current and new players try to avoid both…

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Dude - is this your 1st, 2nd or 3rd account? 22 games on this one…

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No Idea why my Email threw me in to the new forum on this account ,surprise to me but here I am.
I will and have admitted to three years in and a cut off of 7.0 BR if anybody cares.I actually love the fact bullies can’t attempt to stat shame me as an answer to everything .Maybe Gajin should take note lol

All I am seeing is negativity so far as per the old forum so if I am kicked I am kicked ,no biggie.
Take care Brother.

“If your team wins you got a 50% discount on ALL vehicles in the shop guys!”

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LOL we found the guy with the sense of humour on the forum,I knew he was around somewhere.

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You are right - the old forum was much better regarding the quality of content and the content structure.

Despite there was a hell of censorship, the mods bundled redundant topics, pinned them and cooled down heated discussions.

I mean you can talk now open about bots - unthinkable a few months ago.

I simply asked which number of account you use because your content was way too mature for a rookie.

Regarding your post:

Imho a waste of time - neither gaijin or the majority of players are interested in anything similar to teamplay. They play all their individual matches and most of them are as smart as my toaster.

Just one example - a few matches ago i dove on a T-18B, critted him turned a bit and broke off as i saw a cannon stuka diving on me - i broke off in time and could extend - 4 of my us teammates went headons with the stuka at 2.500 meters - 3 got killed in this process…on this level you are faced to play now…

Take care man!

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Thanks.Yes agree, nice idea going nowhere lol.At no point did i imagine you were criticizing my baffling account debacle.I can clearly see the good guys from the jack asses on here.


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I agree, I would much rather have option to state my intentions rather than trying to tell somebody what to do.

In the end I am thrown into match with bunch of strangers for whom I have no authority to tell them what to do.

I would love to be able to have different kinds of ping on the map, like “I am going there”, “I am going to defend there” or “I am going to attack there”, in addition to current “Warning”.

EDIT: Also, being able to see what other have spawned or are going to spawn in would go a long way in team coordination. Way too often there no AA or too much AA just because people can’t see what others have spawned in.

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Only once?

I doubt more deliberate messages would encourage team play. The only way to encourage team play, is to have a reward structure designed around team play. Until then, this will always be a team based game, that rewards selfish behavior.

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Yes ,this is what I mean. More like “I am going to C feel free to join me” rather than a bossy order and I would do that on the occasion where I see everybody else heading for A which for example is exactly what happens on the Campania map where it’s one end or the other and the B Zone is always uncontested.Those who are interested in the team can follow and those who just want to do their own thing can do that.I don’t want to force anybody into team play when they have BP agendas and Vehicle spading on their mind.
It might also mean those at a certain level get a team leader option which may effects the game to a degree.A small change to the game that could make a big difference if it was done well.It might encourage more group vs group confrontations.

100% Agree and a point hard to ignore.We have single player kill based rewards given in the last update yet we also have crew lock to stop so called “selfish” ,single players bailing out early.Bit of a contradiction.
Gajin’s team play talk is just that,talk but they will say that squads and headsets are there for team play.

I am just looking at making the best use of something we already have to overcome an issue we already have.
The current game messaging is such an after thought that the whole idea of spamming"Attack the D point" is simply players showing their lack of respect for the current system and underlining it’s uselessness.