Useful in game messages to encourage team play and leadership

Yes and air alert is being abused too within the first 30 seconds of a game. I just turned off all my chat, the only thing I see is a flashing cross-hair for “attack the point” and a flashing shield for “cover me”. I also get repair prompts when an ally needs a repair, and of course, map pings.

Bro we already got “attack the a point” and “cover me”. If people are already following you to the point, just use “cover me” as your “I’m going in”.

It took me forever to work out that gramercy was just thanks, and that “excuse me” could also be “sorry”.

The new forum works great. People just don’t understand how to browse categories or use tags. Personally, I only ever look at the recent activity, and that’s good enough for me. I manage to find intelligent threads like this one.