"Useful Actions" in Air SB

The current way the system works is extremely limiting on how much SL and RP you gain per match. With how the system is, there’s a cap on how much you can make in 15 minutes, so you never end up making more if you reach the cap. With matches where I get several player kills in the F-5C, I never end up making more than 300k SL even though I should.

It’d be nice to rework this system (which I have no idea on what you could do) or have a system like the one in realistic, where you get the amount you earn right away.

I personally think it should be Hybrid of both systems

50% from acitivity time, that I think works fine, but has short term issues and 50% Specific action rewards, that have issues in the long term.

So bomb a base, get X amoumt of SL/RP and activity time. The two systems working in tandem.


before we had a better reward system. then Usefull Action was introduced in august 2021, although 90% of the players did not want it. then Sim had so few players in winter 21/22 that Sim almost had to be abandoned.
today the number of players has increased again. but Usefull Action has unfortunately remained. there is no concession from Gaijin to remove it again.

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I think there was a big call to do ‘something’ about players abusing the rewards system in sim previously, such as airfield doughnuts.

Useful actions was that something, and I think it has been generally effective with regards to reducing non-players in matches and also the prevalence of abusive PVE lounges (which showed up again for the event). The trade-off for sim players is lower maximum rewards. Playing air sim ~90% of the time, I’m ok with where rewards are, though increased rewards are always welcome. However, I personally prefer more stable rewards to bad rewards most of the time and terrific rewards for amazing games.

I think there are some changes to the useful action system that could help players, while limiting the ability to exploit the system.

  1. Allow excess rewards in one interval to increase the rewards in adjacent intervals. This helps the rewards for activities that earn a lot of rewards all at once, but often take time to set up. Examples include some of the more strategic bombers flying to altitude, some PVP, etc. The effect of the increase may need to be limited and there may need to be other rules to prevent exploitation.
  2. Counting damage against AI units and possibly damage received towards useful activity.

EDIT: Also, air rank 4-6 rewards could be increased. These were really tough compared to other ranks of the grind at least in the US tree for me. I would guess other trees the specific ranks that are toughest may differ.

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Yes, there were players stupid enough to complain about abuse to have Sim neutered by Gaijin. I don’t know what the motivation of these players was? Self-mutilation?!

Anti-abuse measures of course punish the whole mode with all players and do not prevent abuse.

it was a clever invention to end a self created battle immediately when the last opponent leaves. without any chance that 5 min later new opponents can join. How many times have players paid 20,000 SL spwan costs and a 3 hour battle was over after 2 minutes? Even if developers make only small changes, they can cause great harm. more harm than an abuser could do.

by the way. I don’t know any air war in which a pilot has to shoot down a plane every 15 minutes because otherwise he won’t get a medal or anything else. who seriously comes up with such absurd ideas?

if gaijin wants to prevent abuse in sim then there are two options:

  1. decativate Sim completely or
  2. Abolish the grinding system in Sim.

Yes, there were players stupid enough to complain about abuse to have Sim neutered by Gaijin. I don’t know what the motivation of these players was? Self-mutilation?!

Wow, seriously? You want to sit here and blame the community for reporting a problem that’s effecting their favorite game mode, and enjoyment of playing it?

There’s a tool used in software development called data. All activities that you do, from performance statistics, typing in chat, to economic earnings, is all tracked in a database log. If players don’t bother reporting an issue. They can still see the spike in the numbers when compared to prior data that is considered normal.

ok the player Greek Air Force has 97111 destroyed air targets. and probably several 100 million Silver Lions.
should I denounce him now and report abuse?

…of course not I don’t want to be a sleazy denouncer.
I’ll tell you what kind of people they are that are upset about abuse. they are people that want to be in Gaijin’s favor to promote one streaming channel.
that’s all these people care about.

There are 3 kinds of people who play SB.

  1. Those who want to play SB
  2. those that play SB because they want the PvE element of SB for farming/grinding
  3. the bots that abuse SB

It’s that third category that needs to be dealt with. Previous methods of dealing with them have resulted in Gaijin gimping SB economy, but they are still really common, if they arent dealt with, then they may neuter SB again.

There are definetly shortfalls with Activity time economy in 2 main areas

  1. when you do too much and overcap
  2. when you die too quickly and thus get no reward

It definetly needs some fixes, but needs ot be fixed in a way that wont invite even more botters. So dealing with those botters (literally another thread) means that legitmate play can be rewarded properly and everyone wins

yes…but you can see how little the developers work on Sim.
I think it’s unlikely that the developers will sit down and find the perfect solution to develop anti-abuse/anti-bot methods.

Gaijin will just punish us all again. for example, the developers will make it more difficult to start battles. or other things that cut into our flesh.

it’s absurd. players want to educate you about rules and laws here. but gaijin itself is making fun of us every day with the daily reward. “oh just short of millions again!”
Why should I protect someone from abuse who makes fun of me with fake trophies?! do you understand what I mean?

when my friends and I destroyed a big truck convoy yesterday in another flight simulation. we laughed and said: ‘at the snail we would be abusers now!’ :)
I can hardly take this topic seriously anymore.

The idea of punishing suicide people is nice, but the actual implementation is so awfull !!!

If you kill someone and you get spoted because of that, and you get killed, you get almost no reward, the same that someone who suicides.

But even worst, you bomb a base or kill someone, and the match ends, and you don’t get the reward neither.

They have done it in the worst way posible, and they punish everyone, not only abusers :(

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