Used up 2 500% boosters and failed

I Used a 500% sl booster and a 500% rp booster. I spawned in, immediately got killed by artillery. I spawned in again, got cas’ed. Spawned in once again and got Cas’ed. Than I had to return to the hanger. It was also a full upteir. I am ANKRY!!!


Happens everytime. Gaijin knows this and that’s why they don’t allow you to activate them after the battle but only before


this should be the real method to apply boosters smh…

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Last time I tried to use boosters in the Ju-288 I instantly died to an F-84F before I could even do anything. Very fun experience 10/10 would recommend to my enemies.

I hate F-84s.

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Thats not even something you can see without purposely rasing br

I don’t think so tbh, because then people will only select where to apply them and it defeats the purpose of preparing.

You know, you can squad and make effort to save a match, but people really don’t.

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I meant the F-84B, my bad. It is 7.0 and the 288 is 6.0.

That’s literally the whole point of the suggestion, to make it so that you don’t waste things on factors out of your control. I wish boosters could be activated after, because it would make a good match more rewarding. It would also lessen frustration because now you won’t have bad matches when you activate a booster.

You can’t out prepare getting gaijined, getting uptiered, or being put in an unfavourable situation.

Not everyone can/wants to squad. You can’t save a match as an individual.

Why do you talk about effort so much?

Why do you make so much of a split up page to ‘debunk’ what I said…

Literally, it’s about the premise of the boosters and the activation, that makes this ‘I want to activate it after the good matches’ suggestion, and there’s been a couple made about this, backwards.

Bad luck.

My point about squading and peopel not doing it, and not actually planning or making things ‘work’ better than running the highest and best they can is about that ‘drive’, and ‘advice’ they get to solely run that and do that because that’s what makes best, to get them tired and upset about how the game runs, leading to this whole desperate complaint about the game they play.

Well-known facts after you activated boosters:

  1. Your armor doesn’t bounce anything when it should, HEAT or HEAFS always lolpen your ass.
  2. Your shots suddenly can’t pen anything and keep getting gaijin’d, like 183mm HESH fail to kill BMP-1.
  3. The matchmaker intentionally teamed you up with low KDR and low winning rate players.
  4. The matchmaker intentionally puts you in a team full of players who only have one vehicle in their lineup.
  5. The sun will face your team’s direction, so you can’t see anything.
  6. You get teamed up with USA players, it is well-known that USA always lose.
  7. If you play USA, then the match will put you into CQC maps to make you brawl with the Russians.
  8. If you play Maus or T95, you will get overpressured by 50kg puny bombs.
  9. The matchmaker will put players with a history of teamkilling as your teammates.
  10. Enemy helicopter will survive getting shot by your 152mm, because fck you and your boosters that’s why.
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no shit thats the point, so 50% of boosters aren’t pointless.


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It defeats the entire reason and method behind what they’re offering…

What is actually so hard to comprehend in this?

Which is?

Yea, I’m not following either.
Boosters should help “boost” your way through the game, if you have a good game then why not slap a 500% on it if you have it? If you have a bad game out of your control like op’s, you don’t loose the 500% that comes every once in a blue moon.

Unless you think the grind of the game is actually in a good state, there’s no real reason to not having this in the game. I might be missing something though, so could you explain your side?

Because it’s literally a wager on you doing well in a match, it’s not an after effect situation…

That’s why.

It’s nothing to do with the grind but the actual premise of the thing in the first place. Squad more, do better.

Well for 1 its not a wager. We have wager’s in game already with at the very least 3 tries to get the next level. Maybe we should give the boosters 3 tries from their activation to get a good match.
That would probably be a good way to balance it if that’s the issue you have.

  1. Don’t say things like do better. it add’s nothing besides making you look like a ray of sunshine.

You 2 got thoughts on this?

It is a wager because of how it’s played… You play it BEFORE the match and you get rewarded depending on the outcome, which you can manipulate by merely squading and playing a BR that suits.

If that offends you, then maybe the internet isn’t for you.

(Edit - 8 mins and you’re still trying to formulate a reply…)

So this post is trying to make it so boosters aren’t played before the match, but after so you don’t waste said boosters.
And your argument is that it goes against the nature of how the booster’s are currently played in game at the moment, that can also be completely negated by things out of your control?

And 2. My guy, I’m saying it brings nothing to the actual post besides making you look like an ass. I’m not tryin to fight you.

Here, from my pov, just saying “Squad more, do better.” doesn’t add to the post as there are a lot of people that play alone. Try offering some actual point’s or advise that could be used in this post.

(Just spell checking my guy)

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My argument is that it’s wager-esque, which activating after defeats the point…

And yes, squad more, do better, play better, all simple steps to make your gameplay better rather than holding W and expecting autosquadies to save you…

I don’t need to offer any points other than what I have, you’re being picky to even draw offence from that, and make out that I’m the bad guy for saying it…

The gymnastics on display here…

Gimme 1 sec