USA suffers

Horeshet bro he traded 15 deaths for 121 kills, the player is brilliant.

Seems like he played everything, unlike those who only played one nation

T-72 variants are just bad, there isn’t much you can do due to the limitations

Now compare how bad players do on average with the same vehicles. It’s just like pre-nerf 5.7 Germany. Good players can do well with and against them, but bad players can do much better with it than against it. The good players will farm win or lose but after a while one team will have more chaff still alive to win the numbers game and then you see the matches snowball. For weal or woe, single players can make a huge difference in matches due to the very high skill ceiling of this game, so analyzing the stats of just one player comes with some problems when discussing the strength of factions as a whole.

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implying thunderskill data has any value


He is talking about the stats of a single player.