USA Players and Team Killing

So I recently went from Italy to USA and started grinding out the air tree with the TRAM and noticed that almost every game there’s a either a player in a F-5, A-10 or F-4 that just team kills at least 1 - 2 players. But I never see that much team killing in other countries.

Even for me I got team killed 2 times in a row by them just ramming me.

And to all the staff members that are going to tell me to report them. I already did, I’m just wanting to discuss this.

they are team killing you for those god awful load outs r/j

I get to the targets last cause I’m subsonic like the A-10 so I don’t understand how I’m a issue on taking “their” base.

That means if I tryna improve my stats I could always set my game to play entirely on US server?

us servers are generally filled with way worse players i go there for easy grind as well as my other friends

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well except for air

Thank you for the confirmation, I’ll go there now to spade my vehicles so I can expect it to be a lot easier and quicker.

also atleast u dont have to deal with the 6 m1a1 aim players that are 45 lvls or way lower that just one death leave since thats on the rise a lot now

Well, the universe balances it out when both teams take turns to receive these guys in their team, if they are on the enemy team then we lucky.

We are kind of getting off topic though. What I’m trying to get across is what’s causing this and what could be done?

mental retardation across the player base and not really sure what can be done to fix it but reporting them and way harsher punishment

Probably because they are low lvl players. When ever I see a low lvl squad, it is almost always a sub-lvl20 player in a premium US plane with 1-2 also sup-lvl20 players in a rank1-2 prop.

Not really cause both players were like level 80+. There’s a equal amount of players team killing.

Odd. Most times i see teamkills on take off it is low lvl related. Those after take off are pretty much high lvl related

Nothing at the moment, to be honest, it’s just people being silly. Until Gaijin does something about it like the offender would receive a reduction of golden eagles for each intentional teamkilling or banning then more idiots would stop doing it, because, for the most part, they got away freely without harsh punishments that’s why they keep doing it. So someone who without golden eagles will then enters a negative state should they commit team killing, then can’t play the game until they pay the fine, that should teach many a lesson.

Why haven’t u used the pinned thread?

Besides some attempts to derail the topic in your thread - it has imho nothing to do with the server choice. It is based on the high popularity of the US air TT. Lots of rookies without experience.

Even if US servers are filled with kids (depending on your local time) you find US aircraft rookies on all servers. You see the same effect in German Ground RB (“Germany sufferrs”) - the only difference is that German tank BRs are not artificially decreased. This is imho just the result of the different game play.

Hordes of new players want to fly iconic (and to a high level undertiered and op) aircraft and suck with them. This leads to frustration and to most of these team kills.

Gaijin is responsible too - at least to a certain degree. The lack of any in-game tutorials how to fly & fight properly and a imho way too fast progression up to rank III & IV prevents learning curves for a hell of players. This is combined with the ability to research the whole air TT with low skill actions like base bombing - in all trees.

A side effect: At least in prop BRs you find a hell of undertiered US planes. Main reason is that the masses of rookie players drag the BR of highly capable planes artificially low. Mainly as most US props are not easy to use (successfully) or are non-meta. Combined with lack of experience you have stuff like P-39s at BR 2.7 or P-51 C-10 at 3.7 - both a classic clubber planes.

Btw - reporting teamkills has the same effect as try to discuss quantum physics with your pet.


It happens in every BR with every nation. I play a lot rank 3 and 4 and 99% of games there are teamkillers.

Didn’t know that was there. Thanks for showing it.

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I wouldn’t say that cause its a lot worse in USA around 9.0+.