Usa ineed of a new spaa and a modern tank

Flarak rad sucks at this point the missile quickly loses manouverability and speed wich makes it unable to reach planes and having only 2 missiles before having to reload really affects it , germany its in high need of an SPAA rn but it dosent really have another top tier option meanwhile the US has much more options, at least sweden saves itself a littlebit with the fact they have a much better radar and have 8 missiles ready to fire

why yall german mains always cry about ur tanks, it’s literally cringe at this point, check the abrams devblog u can see german mains cry there when it’s not their tank’s topic, u guys have the best tank with spall liners, atleast when usa mains says that they need a new spaa it’s because they got alot but gaijin refuses to add them bcz it will defeat their glorious pantsir and make it look small.

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its not fair to compare everyone like if everyone was the same, in this post i never attacked anyone, as i was just explaining how germany its in a similar situation as the US but with the problems of not having many options and instead decided to go at me for saying my own opinion wich had nothing insulting any other tech tree nor person, if you are seriously gonna get mad for that get some help

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Both Britain and USA needs the ADATS replaced with a dedicated SPAA system

if im not wrong britain its planning to buy a new spaa isnt it?

There was already a thread made for us sams

Britain is currently developing the Supacat HVM with Ukraine that fires ASRAAM.


Though we could just get Rapier

i saw this


Ah yeah, though that’s more like a patriot system with separate radar I think.

I don’t know much about that one

british type 81 kind of vehicle
1 . truc
2 . no radar(chad eyesight based)
3 . the missile knows where it is at all times


i just explained how many germany mains behavior, i didn’t attack u or no one else, it’s just the situation of usa needs some urgent changes and adats is outdated, missile can’t hit tanks that are kinda close it just goes over them, and the “new” sep is just a average abrams with outdated armour, turret cheeks that were unpenetrable now they’re penetrable, the new “tusk” is useless, the adats missile is one of the worst missiles ingame, imagine vikhr can do better than the adats in shooting down jets, it starts shaking.

well you called me out as yall, attacking all german mains as we all cry about that, when i was trying to explain how the ITO and the FlaRakRad are nowhere near the pantsir level

as for the ERA and armor on the SEPV2 at least the turret needs a buff because that’s one of the main upgrades on the SEPV2 and the ARAT era underperforms heavily when it should be able to protect against 30mm autocannon, it has been known that NATO ERA underperforms quite heavily and this applies for every nato tank look at the SEP and SEPV2 ERA and it dosent make sense the little chemical protection

abrams and merkava doesnt have the correct armor most importantly (idk about chall or leo etc)

ma bad bro it’s just the amount of people saying that leopard need a buff in other tanks topics is quite big

yes it’s known for years that gaijin totally hate america and push russian propaganda like the bvm is total monster and push through u like nothing, i’ve shot a t80 once in the turret i took out the commander but when he shot me it went’ through took my loader,my cannon, gunner, and that’s not even the upgraded shell it was the 3bm46, and a t80 literally shot my hull and it went through me like if i was a bottle of plastic lmao

everything in warthunder is incorrect, but naah they always push the “our game is realistic and totally not bias toward our motherland”

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yea i never was in that group that claimed bias but now i am (always figured the t-34 driver hatch was a unsolvable coding issue)

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they don’t even bother to fix the damn issues, like the vikhr missile capable of shooting down helicopters,jets,tanks, it’s literally a multi-role missile, that’s why they’re doing so fine in ukraine lmao

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dosent need a buff its just that the 2A7V was so rushed it has a really big ammount of armor holes and devs are ignoring the fact the 2A7V should have the same armor as the STRV122 in the hull, that’s not even as bad as the ammount of armor holes there is, you can pen it with 3BM60 in certain parts of the turret cheeks and hull due to a glitch in the model

Depends on what block/variant.
Latest block is capable of LOAL and lofting and could increase the range by a decent amount.

The kinetic range of the missile itself is not that much different from the mim72 chaparral which has a maximum kinetic range of 9km

With lofting you could probably get 12-15km.

and don’t expect to fix them anytime soon, they’re busy working on something for the next update, something more cringe than spall liners for the t90m in the devserver