Usa ineed of a new spaa and a modern tank

USA at the moment is struggling in top tier, bad spaa that can’t hit the target, bad missile starts shaking, bad armour 1 shot most of the time, no spall liners, no new modern tank equiped with APS or any new modern developement, penetrable turret cheeks, penetrable hull, turret so big that u can’t hide it anymore, fat and useless tons of weighs over the abrams tree with no armour added, no new shell over the years, bad helicopters and hellfire is useless ash compared with Vikhr that can shoot down jets and every moving thing.

if i forgot something u can add it below, but honestly everything that’s american in this game is either nerfed or bad.


3 SPAAs comes to mind when it comes to the USA
The Avenger

Stryker M-Shorad

the coolest one in my opinion, Bradley Linebacker M-SHORAD
As it can use AIM-9X missiles, it should give it that kick USA needs


that’s some really nice tanks, btw is this bradley equipped with tusk and aps?

and what about heavy tanks, i guess there’s m1a2c.

Don’t think it had any tusk or aps mounted as the US decided to move onto the Stryker M-Shoard instead

But it has a jammer to deal with UAVs and the gun is the XM914 with air-burst

Maybe the bradley with AIM-9X but more stinger platforms, while always welcome as they are fun, are definetively not solution to the top tier CAS issues due to range.

When checking for range on the 9X, all i find is that it’s “more” than 10 miles but doesn’t give an exact number, that would be 16km which is still less than the pantsir

Range =/= lock on range.

Check other IR based SAMs. Lock on range will be always worse than range of the missile.

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USA needs new spaa more than a new tank.

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As are every nation except maybe Russia.

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which is or rather will be useless thanks to gaijins incompetenz…


This is because Gaijin hasn’t correctly implemented the lock-on range for pretty much every missile in the game.

For example, IRL the I-Chappral and MIM-72G scored a hit against a helicopter 8km away, yet in-game you can’t lock a helo more than ~3km away. This is impossible unless the IRL seeker is substantially better than what’s modeled in-game.

Lmao dont get me wrong im aware and not denying that.

Im just working with what the game presents itself right now, which is simply missile range=/= lock on range and thus more IR platforms wont solve the CAS issue on top tier

I’d like to see the M-SHORAD, given it gets AIM-114Ls (FnF Hellfires). It would be nice to have, and just one small benefit to it. But I don’t know as much as I wish I did on the platform so I couldn’t tell you all that much about it. Any info would be appreciated.

M113 Liberty I. A crotale NG system. A better ITO-90M

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Potentially a Pantsir equiv? Maybe? Hopefully? Can the missiles elevate real high? Does the Radar have a huge scan area? (These are genuine questions btw, I’m just excited to see something potentially good)

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I mean its an ITO-90M but with 2 more tubes

M113 Liberty should definitely be added.

Dunno about APS, but since it’s a Bradley hull it could probably theoretically mount the Bradley Urban Survival Kit.

There’s the HVSD for US and Israel (joint project)


Featuring 12 Barak-1 SAMs and the CIWS


Not true. Sweden and Germany both have very powerful top-tier SPAAs.