USA ground top tier info/guide

Basically, sense usa seems to still have a very low win rate, im making this topic for to so we can discuss how to play usa at top tier. Mainly because there are people that do very well in usa tanks, and there are the prems.

Guess ill start off with a “Situation” that yall can discuss on what to do. (The main tank’s for these situation will be the m1a1, m1a2, and hstvl.){Add your own situations aswell so we can discuss them}

1st one is “Assaulting a Captured point” (As usa tanks arn’t suited well for cqc without infantry)

Abuse CAS until the enemy has run out of spawn points.

Your ground vehicles are not modeled well enough for War Thunder’s gameplay and you do not have SPAA vehicles capable of controlling the sky.

Get in to the air as quickly as possible and stay there as long as possible.

Helicopters are not given the missiles they used IRL to remain effective in combat situations so make sure to focus on getting the F-16C as quickly as possible.


It doesnt matter since all the tanks are trash.

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If it has a few enemies on it, it is best to flank around and hit them from the side. Enemies could also be looking into the cap.

The only time i hit a point directly is when i know it is clear. If not, flanking is the best option.

US also has the best CAS in the game so if you or anyone is in the air, they can clear it before your tanks push it.

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…? no.

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At nearly all BRs it does. Maybe it doesn’t at top tier, but at ever other BR it is either the best, or tied for 1st.

Huh? I’m gonna need a bit more context. The Abram’s, and M1A2 tanks respectively are better designed for urban combat than most tanks, specifically that if Russia. The only time they have seen specific infantry escorts is in Iraq, when they needed to defend from men with RPG-7’s, or other small, man portable anti-tank weapons, both other tanks. Take a tank that is in pretty common urban combat currently, the Merkava Mk.IV, also doing similar duties as the Abrams and M1A2 in Iraq, however, because of modern tech, the Infantry is not needed, but anti-drone defense is. Just to name another, the battle of 73 Easting, was almost 100% armor to armor combat, and the US forces only lost one vehicle, to friendly fire, in a CQC condition, without Infantry, but having the support of fellow tanks, and Bradley IFV’s.


No, you just need a Team, or team mate, to stick with you, because you never know when you need backup, and traveling in a platoon is what is carried out in a real Platoon and Armour Company. The loss rate is because of the lack of team skills, and backup required to be successful on the battlefield.

Nah, you just gotta know how to use your armor and your team. I have almost never lost a match playing against america when they aren’t traveling in numbers or have some kind of recon drone up. This game may not be marketed as a teamwork game, but it really is, I almost always lose when my team isn’t communicating and sticking together.

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All rank 1-2 fighters that have 12.7s
Rank 3-4 fighters that have 20mm cannons
All of those above having much more ammo than other nations

P47, a2d, a4e, a6e, a10, f4e, f16c

US is CAS central



That seems to be the main failure point of teams and of the game itself is the lack of teamwork encouragement. We do get some minimal rewards like “Teamwork” or “Supporting Fire” for helping your assigned squadmate, but it needs to be encouraged much more. Tutorials should include mentions about importance of working with the rest of your team. Might also help curb the complaints about OP Heavy tanks or CAS, some things can’t be taken on alone or by your vehicle alone.

Maybe stick 4 people in randomly assigned squads, and give higher rewards for sticking together

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You can travel as a whole team it does not change a fact that random low caliber round into Abrams neck means dead, same as random shoot into breach, on top of that HE into commander sight.

As someone mentioned, pray for good map without cloud cover, get 2 kills and hop into F16

I mean, General Dynamics decided to have a built in shot trap on their turret ring, so, don’t know what to tell you…

You’re literally talking from the game perspective, billions of dollars spent on the Abrams Program and yet they’ve a shot trap on their turret ring? that’s a dumb thing to say ngl, i bet the UFP has much more protection than the 200mm thats already ingame, it should be like the UFP in the strvs but yet it’s classified.

Do you know what a shot trap is?
Have you looked at an Abrams?

There is a massive funneling channel that goes directly into their turret drive.

ofc i did
cz i suffer from it also

it’s all green ingame, even gepard can pen it, ik what you’re talking about, but big engineers have worked on it, billions spent do u think for a second it’s that fragile in real life? there has been no Abrams penned from that spot, i mean no abrams has been ever penned from the front.


also the turret ring should be volumetric, it has al.ready been acknowledged by the devs and we still waiting for the fix for months now.

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It’s mainly because the damn slit is so small, it would barely be hit table in regular combat, which isn’t the case in the arcadey war thunder.

i doubt its 200mm of protection in that spot, every tank has the same design, but still

You’ve got to be joking with this, right? You literally cannot have that opinion unironically.