USA 11+ GBR is defat, defeat, defeat, more 10 times to get a single win

Skill issue on part of the inexperienced players, not the USA mains themselves.

Can an inexperienced player not be a us main?

No, as they haven’t gotten enough experience in one particular country to become a main of that country.
Buying a top tier vehicle for USA and then considering them a US main doesn’t make sense.

That’s not what it means to be a main of a country. Your a us main if you mainly play us. Skill and experience doesn’t matter.

Well, if your definition of ‘main’ is a person playing only a particular country, and not how long they’ve played a particular country and in contrast to others, then so be it.

I mean, if someone only has rank 2 us ground, and they only play us, are they not a us main?

reason us sucks is simple
to many wallet warriors that press W and expect to win.

And that isn’t a big secret btw

It’s good for the game in my opinion. Doesn’t bother me when I play Russia/USA and get faced against USA/Russia.

Maybe if more Russian players had to play against the Pantsir and Strela they’d realise how much they are outliers.

If they only got up to rank 2, I don’t think they’re really experienced enough to be a certain country’s main.
Although, I understand that you meant that they primarily play that country and, therefore, they ‘main’ it.

So for you, you can main a country, and then you can really MAIN a country.

If someone only has rank 2 ground, I would say they aren’t a ground player/are new to the game. I wouldn’t call them a main of any nation personally.

You can say it that way.
An experienced player who has played all of USA may have a better understanding of its flaws and strengths than one that just started playing USA and so happened to have bought a top tier premium for it.

I love it actually, because both teams will have their no fly zone lol

US is the only major nation worth playing there’s a legitimate challenge facing Leopard 2s and T90Ms.

I Always just thought of it as the national you play and enjoy the most. Though I do see how there could be a next level of main for a country.

Yes, I agree.

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Yeah, when they make Russian vehicles blatantly OP all the time, it’s healthier for the game if they are on both sides.

Man it’s been a while since I’ve had a civil debate with someone. Feels good :).

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Therefore, it’s unfair to the ‘true’ US mains, that have to deal with the inexperienced players being their teammates, when they complain and end up being called as ‘having a skill issue’ (although some do indeed have it).

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Ya, as a German main I know the feeling.

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