USA 11+ GBR is defat, defeat, defeat, more 10 times to get a single win

Gaijin needs to fix the matchmaking, it’s hell to play and getting stomped in less than 1 minute.

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More like American vehicles are hard artificially nerfed, along with all of NATO, so glorious Russia can maintain the best W/R.

Frankly speaking, playing NATO at high/top tier just isn’t worth the hassle. But if you play them anyways, just don’t invest in the match outcome.


except best tanks currently at toptier are both german and swedish so its cope from you


russia hest second worst w/r if you want to know


It’s a pretty complicated issue, but, generally, it’s honestly more about where are all the good players at, which is partially influenced by how good a country’s vehicles / lineups are, and how many of those good players are already there, which creates a snowballing effect. Right now, Sweden and Germany have a really solid lineup for ground RB, as well as having a number of best vehicles for Top Tier. So, they are more likely to win by using those vehicles, and having better teammates.
Italy has a better win rate than USA, and I believe everyone can say that the Ariete is worse than the M1A2 Sep, and USA’s CAS and SPAA options are much better than Italy’s. A good reason why Italy has as better win rate is because USA is very popular, and so teammates can mostly be comprised of inexperienced players who bought top tier premiums, unlike with Italy teams.
Italy is also a minor nation, so they are paired up with other nations that are able to carry them to victory, like Russia, Germany, and Sweden.

what? everyone always is saying that german players are trash but now they have good vehicles and good winrates so the german players are suddenly good?

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Complete cope lol.

The Click-Bait and AIM are filling games right now and that’s why America sucks at top tier. The Abrams is the most popular tank here in the States and so when noobs sign up they just buy an M1A1 instead of grinding for however long it takes at this point.

I’ve heard that bringing an F-16 to play at 12.7 actually fixes this issue and you get much better games as you can no longer play at 11.3.

If it was an artificial nerf to NATO vehicles and a buff to Russian ones, that would be reflected in the W/R. But, in fact, the best performing nations are Germany and Sweden.

Well, in the mid-BRs, and especially where you’d expect WW2 German mains, I believe that’s where people are saying ‘German Players are trash’.
A country’s playerbase does change over time, but German Top Tier win rates have pretty much always been good. The vehicles they have are definitely competitive, but from my personal experience, they are better than USA teammates, that’s for sure.
Germany usually gets paired up with Sweden and / or USSR too, so their lack of CAS and SPAA is usually covered too.

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Uh huh. USA has a low top tier W/R and then everyone screams “sKiLL iSsUe! uSa pLaYeRs sUcK!” but when Russia has a low W/R all around, “well thats different, Russian vehicles suck

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Leo 2s are straight up better than Abrams anyway

I’m not denying that, but the difference in capabilities between the abrams and leopard, compared to something like a leclerc or ariete, is definitely smaller.

If it were completely inferior to the Leopards, very competitive squadrons in SRB wouldn’t be using them, even though they, in fact, are.
The 5s reload that they now have definitely made it more competitive.

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I’d much rather not be aimbot oneshot in the LFP or turret ring than have a slightly faster reload. After laying both a lot, its simply easier to play.

Also unintentionally “nerfed” the M1IP because theres no reason so use the 105 instead of the 120

IPM1 gets access to smoke shells, which can vary in usefulness depending on situation.
But I agree that the M1A1 is usually the better option.

I swear if you start talking about hull du. The main weak spot of the Abrams is the turret ring wich du won’t help. Italian top tier has a great wr and their mbts suck. This is a major skill issues on the us mains.

The match maker in this game is absolute rubbish, and the source of many problems.

“Realistic” battles should have all nations vs all nations. There is nothing remotely historical about it at the moment, even if it’s European allies vs European axis - fighting in the middle of Imperial Japan.
If it were all nations vs all nations, you would on average end up with the same number of one-death-leavers/sweat-lords on both teams, and on average should end up with more balanced matches.

The low USA win rate isn’t from the vehicles.

It’s more about the inexperienced players in premium abrams flooding USA teams than the USA mains themselves.

Ya that’s what I meant by skill issue

Are you sure?

You just said the low win rate is because of inexperienced players. Is that not a skill issue?

Recently there was a lot of Russian on Russian violence due to the 292 spam, what’s your opinions on that kind of matchmaking?