US really lacks of SPAA

Just realize being newbie and you’ve chosen US as your first tech tree. You have no troubles playing m42 Duster on it’s 4.0 but then… 3.7 br gap? So what should he do if he meets 57-2 on 7.0 or German Wiesel 1A4 or Kugel(let’s skip Flak 341) with his Duster? But then he finally reaches his m163 which is some kind if trash compared to Chief. Marksman, Gepard or Falcon. Ur opinion?


Use XM800T

Same Br as the M163, that doesn’t solve any problems. There are massive gaps, and some spaa aren’t very potent at all. The gap bettered the 4.0 spaa and the 7.7 spaa is absolutely massive, and quite pathetic…


Would be nice to see spaa gaps filled. Sadly, it seems that most attentions is focused on what to add for top tier, because i guess top tier balance is all the matters for most people?


T77 prototype (M24 chassis with a x6 .50 cal turret) would be okay at just slightly higher BR of ~4.3 or so but I don’t know what can be used to fill the later gaps in the mid tiers below 7.7

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I’ve wanted this for so frickin long it’s not even funny

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You shoot it and it dies. It’s a tankette with 2 crew and 8mm of armor.

M163 has the lowest BR of all the radar SPAAs you mentioned.

Anyway, plenty of options.







T100_MGMC (1)

XM246 (1)

One of those pictures shows something that looks like the TCM in the Israeli TT. Would that happen to be it?

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It’s all people talk about, look at the wishlist thread.

Imo the game shouldn’t go anymore modern but should fully flush out every BR, especially after some more decompression.

Yeah. I would love for the next 3 updates to have zero top tier stuff and just low/mid rank filler.

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it’s the T10 MGMC, TCM-20 should be a different vehicle or a different name.


It looks the exact same. The only difference is the back is enclosed on the tcm

In that case, maybe it was exported to Israel after not being accepted by the US army? I’d have to look into it.

Yeah that’s what I would think. Or maybe it was a joint project. 🤷

So many options.

Top tier houses can attract more new players, allowing gaijin to sell more gift packages, but ironically, top tier battles are actually very unbalanced; I like the top of the line vehicles in this game, but I also like World War II and Cold War vehicles. However, Gaijin has almost stopped paying attention to World War II and Cold War vehicles, and every update is a new modern aircraft. To be honest, I am tired of it. The game’s World War II and Cold War require reform

Most players believe that the United States has strong enough attack aircraft and fighter jets at this stage to conduct air defense without the need for SPAA, which seems very balanced. However, every time Gaijin updates, it will send SPAA to countries other than the United States, which is really biased

It’s also only the ones I have personally collected. I’m certain there are more, and many I didn’t post because they’d be not very good or functionally identical to other things we have.

Here’s one:
T54 GMC 40mm

T54 GMC, a single 40mm on a halftrack. Not included due to reasons above.

It would also probably go at 2.7 like the Lvtdgb m/40, where America doesn’t have an SPAA gap

Doesnt the UK have to use the Skink for an age until they get those though. Skink vs M163 is no competition either.

All nations suck with massive gaps