US naval 10.0+ is destroying the enjoyment of the game for people with melee weapons and short range missiles

as I point it out, USA naval (f8u, f8e, f4j, f4s, f14a, f14b, f16 with aim9l) is destroying the user experience for players that have nothing but guns and some short range aim9/dogfight sparrow/skyflash. Beasts such as the F-5C and E, or the Draken can’t really thrive when the missile knows where it is and reaches the target you want to take down first. Heck, even despite the mig21 smt is so undertiered with four r60s and it’s GSh23L currently one hit killing F-5C’s and Su25K’s, the F8E can just score kills from 4km away without even having to go aggressive. The Israeli F-4E is so much better because of the aim9g, 2 less g than aim9j is totally negligible.

Long story short: Gunfighting is dead and short range missile buses are history.

All planes at those BR have missiles and nearly all have flares. Want gunfights only (mostly) drop to 8.0

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