US helicopters and Apaches of other nations missing Hellfire variants that make them competitive

It’s the worst top tier helicopter.

How does this have relevance to the thread?

I know I own it

Imo, add the Agm114L but limit it to only 8 like the other helis. With how F&F are rn, there targeting is horrible and I don’t think Gaijin has the expertise to make it any better.

Are you seriously saying the Apache has better A2A capability than the UHT because of the 30mm cannon?..

Standard German main lmao.

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I wouldn’t call the 4 Stingers good A-A capabilities

Both helicopters have four ATAS as a2a missiles. The UHT gets FnF capability with its ATGM which can be used to hit enemy helicopters at long range.

All of this is a moot point - the Vikhr is the best a2g and a2a helicopter missile in the game. I get tons of kills on F-16s with my Ka-52. Other helicopters don’t stand a chance at all.

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Against planes yes , the 30mm are a better defense

Only an imbecile is flying straight at you in a jet close enough to let you rip them with your chin cannon.

90% of my kills on jets in helicopters are using Vikhrs. The actual A2A missiles (even for the Ka-52 lmao) are rubbish. I used to get kills with the AH Mk.1 Starstreaks, but for the last few months Starstreaks have been genuinely worthless, and GJN cba to fix them.

I’ve never hit a Heli or any flying thing with the PARS

but then again I’ve only ever used it in Heli EC

The 30mm is only effective against a plane heading at you straight on and when you are fully stabilized.

The gun does not compensate for your movements or the enemy planes, it shoots center mass.

This is an issue even when fighting ground targets let alone a plane going 700+ km/h, also other helicopters.

While I think the Hellfire L with Fragsleeve would feel a whole lot better (since some stupid country is given “IR Immunity” because some stupid MOD said it is…despite all the evidence to the contrary) I would honestly just be content with the LOBL being reliable… and the IOG actually functioning.

What should happen when Missile loses Laser lock: Missile continues to last laser designated location. (Inertial Navigation)
What happens in game when missile loses Laser lock: Missile goes on Vacation off to BFE.

If LOBL actually worked, it would effectively be fire and forget against stationary targets… and at one point, I did. Gaijin turned that off it seems.

(And then there’s the 20lb warhead that can’t seem to reliably damage more than the breach in a top down attack…)

if the AGM-114Ks actually worked in the game like they do in reality, I would be okay (if not overly pleased at being without the fire and forget and prox fragsleeve capabilities of other Heli ATGMs)

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Once you recognize that there are already ATGMs which can fire through smoke in the game presently the argument against adding the AGM-114L variant completely falls apart.

There is zero justification for the disparity US helicopters are currently faced with.

Half the problem is Gaijin’s poor modeling, the other half is their intentional artificial nerf of US equipment by not adding what they were designed to fight with.


again i know you arent smart enough for it, but a lot missle fire trough smoke, the problem is the longbow will hit the target every time, while one can dodge the viklhers in the smoke, you just arent skilled enough for that

You know that they decided to code RNG into FnF ATGMs right?

The RNG is about where on the tank it will hit yes, but that has nothing to do with what i wrote, the hell are you on about?

You act like it’s impossible to balance.

They can change how well it tracks through trees
The innacuraccy could be increased if aiming at a target in smoke
Chaff in smoke could be added
They still won’t track through buildings

The idea that they will be so game brokenly better than spikes is a little low IQ

read trough the damn thread before you start spouting nonsense, you are only responding to the last thread without reading trough the whole issue.

The problem is that US fanboys then will complain that their missle isnt acting like it is supposed to

ah yes because that is how radar works or did u confuse it with optical now

so you wanna add fantasy smokes that some armys arent using great idea, lets add paper tanks as well while we are add it

you realy have a blooming fantasy when you thought that was the issue

Dont act like you know why i have problems with the longbow when you completly miss the mark, go moderate rumours and round up , that is the only thing you are good for anyways

Not as fantasy as it seems. Specialised smoke screens can block radar waves.

i am aware they do exist, but not every army deploys /uses them, you would need to restrict it to certain countries that use them as standard equipment if you add them to countries that dont use them they would be fantasy smokes, if i remember right china was on of the first countries that used them since they thought all our equipment was radar guided when in truth it was IR /optical.

If you start giving them to just everyone it starts being unrealistic, those my comparision to paper planes

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I have read the thread.
You gave a stupid example that because it can track through smoke it will always hit unlike other ATGMs that dont.

I pointed out there are a bunch of ways to balance it if they add it. Like they do with plenty of other armaments and mechanics already in this game. This isn’t a sim game, there are inaccuracies everywhere.

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