US helicopters and Apaches of other nations missing Hellfire variants that make them competitive

Spikes are now on helicopters

Vikhr missiles completely outclass the hellfire in all aspects

Why are Apaches being artificially nerfed by not including the Hellfire variants which were designed to make them competitive


and which hellfire variants would that be you sad excuse of a troll?
The longbows simple cant be added because they cant be avoided, the radar guidance allows them to hit true trough smoke grenades and bushes. There is no better hellfire variant, besides maybe proxy for anti air purposes, but they all have the same explosive mass. It is the targeting system in general that is the promblem ,gajin needs to allow the choice to choose direct fire modes

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LOL why are you attacking him? everyone has fire and forget missiles, even the planes but oh no cant have the heli’s be competitive. its not like russia, china have the best AA in the game and takes them down quickly. Heaven forbid russian mains have to suffer a little.


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Yea i dont know him, but at least im aware now so i do appreciate the heads up. Would be nice if they reactive armor on the Russian tanks didnt deflect kinetic rounds like they do now. i would take that over the longbow hellfires.

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another US main reddit post, pointless and 0% effort

to give you an image of how problematic he is, he opened over 100 topics in general and i would say that isnt a normal number besides someone knowledgable opening a lot of vehilce suggestion after the transition to the new forum ,and thats ignoring the ones we got deleted he has special love for the turms 3 and continues to open threads about it again and again.

And yeah gajin needs to implement the Anti Era capabilities of some rounds into the game / general bullshit how they sometimes perform

ah no he is no US main, he maybe a heli rush main, but he is mostly french player it seems, he is just a huge troll in general, rather it says a lot about you calling him US main for this


Why not? it not like only US can get them only just remember we have four nation that use AH-64D US UK Japan and Israel it benefits these four nations especially UK and Japan that don’t have much CAS to use.

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I switched to US after Gaijin added the VBCI to France as a premium

First high tier was China, then France, I only got the M1A1 HC unlocked last week.

How do you evade spikes

How do you evade Vikhrs

How do you evade GBUs

How do you evade AS-30Ls

Get in to cover

Other missiles with FNAF functionality seem to fit just fine.

again giant troll, all of the ones you named can be evaded with breking the laser or optical lock trough smoke grenades or bushes. which does not work against the longbow, you have no idea what you dumbass are talking about

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the others arent radar guided and ignore smokes genius

Why is this a necessary feature when SPAA is so potent against helicopters and other helicopters are equally as potent against Apaches

Why can’t they be given the best missile while having the worst defense / offense against other air targets


Why would I go for the AH-64D over the AH-1Z?

The Cobra has better air to air missiles and equivalent firepower while having more maneuverability.

Apaches aren’t able to do their job because they’re aren’t given the missile that makes them so potent IRL

The QN506’s ATGM is supposed to be NLOS but it’s treated as FNAF, just don’t code it to ignore smoke.

İts not so hard to code Longbows with same principles you can find on spikes and PARS missiles.

Vikhrs ignore smokes so I don’t understand why this is such a game changer