Uptier statistics

I have started to log each match in ARB, up, mid or down tier. For like the next 50 matchies. Wondering if anyone else would like to keep a record also, like below and then reply with your results:

M K F U U F M D U F F f = full uptier. u=uptier. m=mid range up and down. d=down tier

50 matches are not enough. And it depends on many other things like daytime, event grinding, new toptier planes and so on.
After the last update the matchmaker is way better. Imo not good enough but better. But everybody is grinding the new vehicles, so there are lots of players at 11.3-12.0
I played hundreds of battles 11.7-12.3 the last days and there are way more β€œvirtual” uptiers for 12.3 than before the update. So the BRs beneath 12.3 get more breathing room.

Virtual uptier means there are battles with more than 4x12.3 planes (4x12.3 -->full downtier, 8x12.3 β†’ virtual 12.7 etc.). I played several battles 12.3 only. Imo for a fair matchmaker there must be 50% of these battles.

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It my everyday already when i try to play amx 30 super 9 out of 10 match are full uptier what worst? map don’t give me a chance to fight back against those

People are still grinding for the F-16 Block 50 and now grinding in preparation for the F-111 so uptiers are going to be common for a while in air.

I wont be continuing with this idea as its to much of a distraction during take off