Uptier at 9.3

Hello Warthundercommunity!
First of all: I love Warthunder. Even though the economy leaves a lot to be desired at some points and you have to buy a premium account to get through the endless grind, I love this game. If there weren’t other things that annoy me to no end. Uptier balancing. First of all: I play the Chinese Tec tree and have had a lot of fun so far. Until I got to the point where I had to play 9.3 to progress. The Chinese tanks are anything but bad and in my opinion correctly rated in relation to their combat power. If I didn’t play 90% of my battles on full uptier i.e. 10.3. It’s no fun that I only play 2 out of 20 battles against evenly matched opponents. I wonder why this is because I have never experienced this immense uptier so excessively. Is it because there are so few players on 9.3? Do I pray too little to the snail. Am I putting too little money up your anus? It’s probably because there are too few players. Nevertheless, then just introduce longer waiting times. I’d rather wait 3 minutes and then play against equal tanks than beat myself to death with a Leopard 2a4 or an Object 292.
How do you other 9.3 players feel? Do you have the same problem? I look forward to your answers!

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Essentially it’s becuase 10.3 has a lot of good vehicles for a lot of nations not to mention a plethora of good premiums. That is the main reason you get uptiered at 9.3 more than other b.r’s you have experienced I would guess. I personally have had this with 9.3 Britain where 10.3 acts as a black hole drawing you up constantly into It. Imo it won’t flatten out till more vehicles are added around 9.3 in most nations to create a wider range of games, this Includes adding more premiums probobly so that people don’t just flock to one BR to play.


10.0 10.3 gets spammed because of the unholy amount of good premiums and tech tree vehicles. Russia has two mbts that are premium at that br. America has the striker at that br and the 120s and both have good shells that can cope with uptiers easily making them highly preferred to other vehicles. I don’t really know about any of the other countries except for japans type 90s which have great reloads making them spammed, not to mention they also have a premium type 90 to my knowledge. 9.3 is rough simply because of the sheer amount of 10.0 10.3 players

10.0 and 10.3 has so many vehicles and especially premiums in it that it creates a giant BR vortex that sucks everything at 9.3 and 9.7 into it.

You’re not going to see a resolution to this problem until Gaijin implements 12.7 for Ground.

Luckily they said they were going to raise the max BR. We just need to wait for them to do it.

In my opinion a very serious problem. Because 9.3 has many tanks in all nations and you can’t enjoy them.

The problem has been created by them with the premiuns of 10, 10.3.
They should solve it. They defend the diversity of tanks in game but this goes against.

They are, we just haven’t been given the expanded BR yet for Ground.

How do I feel about it? I despise it so much I don’t play any 9.3-9.7 vehicles unless I’m planning to ODL.

With the way they decompress it just means everything moves up in BR, including 9.3 and nothing changes.

Why there’s so much topics about 9.3 begin uptiered?

Cause it’s a common occurrence and 9.3 vehicles aren’t able to match 10.3 speed / firepower

The vehicles at 9.3 were originally 9.0, so they’ve already been moved up.

The last BRs that sit untouched at 9.7 - 11.7

this game does not need more premiums

9.3 is basically 10.3, sometimes lucky with only 10.0…9.3 would be a quite good and balanced br for most nations if it wasn’t for the black hole 10.3 has become!

It is hell when starting new lineups from stock at 9.3 with heat-fs!