Upteir issue

So there is a problem with this game and you’ve all heard of it. “upteir-ing” I got 7 upteirs in a row, I use the Chinese F-86-30 and what opponents do I get? Mig-21 Mig-19, F3H-2, A-4B etc. etc.
I get constantly get destroyed by air-to-air missiles. Can’t keep up with the speed even with BNZ tatics.
Is there a way to just get a normal match?

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Good suggestion,but more and more premium vehicle add in game,attract more and more new player come.Good experience for those new player is important,noboby believe that a new player use rank VII premium vehicle can kill those player who has more than 10 days experience. So the only way is let those lower br vehicle fight with high br premium vehicle same time.