Updated War Thunder forum

‘’ NOTE: The Forum is still under maintenance, the edit option will come for everyone.‘’’

another thing:
how about making it easier to migrate posts from the good forum to this one?
Right now if you copy and paste the stuff to here it’ll end up looking weird with the spoilers not working and the images all screwed up.

and i’d recommend changing the structure of this. previously you had clear distinctions between sub forums like Aircraft in Machinery of War discussion, now thats hidden under some menu item, just like the countries. it feels like its a filter instead of a sub forum. thats just confusing

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The lack of structure is really annoying. Depending on people properly tagging their topics is a bad idea. At least people tend to get their topics in the proper sub forum. Now we don’t even have that.

The old forum was much better.


I will say there are some things thay I do like about the bew forum. I guess what I hate is the trust system and not moving things over especially suggestions. I guess we’ll have to see how they structure this place. And lots of us have to now moce suggestions and post over.

At least we will all have the edit option

Does that mean Gaijin obligates to implement all suggestions from the old forum within 2 years from now?

Only thing I disliked on the old forum was to complicated topic structure.
This forum offers some interesting options, but it definitely needs some polishing.

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this is ummmmm just plain ugly

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if you need TWO DAYS(or more even?) to implement an edit-button for everyone, this change very prematurely, like not even an alpha-test but should have been kept in close testing and doing somewhat of an “open beta” for the community to see and give feedback on.

the new forum is absolutely atrocious.


Now, i want an answer or the following issues! and please, do read this

On this forum, to create suggestions are a plain nightmare. something are of course better, but there are many things i would like to be different or simlar to the good old forum!

Spoiler folders
For larger suggestions, like techtrees or other posts with a lot of information, this is an neccesary tool, to make the post smaller, easyer to read and to avoid confusion. you can take a look at my pending suggestions here, you will see that it is quite big, when i have written about every cartrigde and cannon, in addition to the main post.

Image sizes
As you also can see in my pending posts, there are no way to change the size of the picture, and is therefor implemented in its original size, after you have delivered it

No way to edit the post after delivery
On larger posts, wich for some might take more than one day to create. there should be a way to save the progress after you posted it. now i personally dont thrust this save as a draft, cause i haveexperienced on a lot of forums that that leads to a lot of issues, sometimes. but anyway, if you spot an mistake after you have delivered the post, you should be able to edit that.

Is there a max limit for content in one post`?
On the old forums, if the post was too large, you could continue it in the comments, if it werent to much or comfusing. there should really be a option to do this here as well. cause i personally had this issue, that the post at a limit was considered as spam, due to its sise, but i could continue them in the comments.

How do one post a clean link?
Now, on this forum, you can not implement an link as text, it somehow in certain cases show the whole site in the post, ruining it and making it messy. one should have the possibility here as well, to do it the same way as we did it on the last forum

Next time, announce something like this in advance!
This was a really big dissapointment for many of us, especially us who have spent days,weeks, months even years creating suggestions and making important discussions. now all we have done has from my understanding been in vain! cause all of them will have to be transferred over here and suggested again, and all in 2 years, after that everything will be lost and gone! Something tells me some of the moderators did not know about this change, given the fact that they approved out suggestions the day(s) before the swap.

I personally has sacrificed half a year of my time, wich i have little of and a fair bit of money, to create around 150 suggestions. I have understood that i have to transferall of my work, over here again, and change the format and such, wich will take quite a while! but what guarantee will i have to do this? I have also researched and been looking for cerrtain vehicles, contacting museums, forums, army, armymuseum etc to get any information about them, vehicles that have almost been lost to history! i dont want anyone to steal what i have been working so much one, just because of this forum convertion! i have spent too much time, stress and money on those for that to happen, i hope you understand what i mean.

The site is unnecessary compressed
The site here is wayy to compressed, it is hard to read and navigate, and the black background does not make it any easier, there should at least be an option to change the background!. i get that it is proably to work nicely for mobiles, tablets etc, but is a pain when using it on a computer, wich many of us do.

Custom profile pictures
This is something that basically almost every player wants, and wants to get back. please consider giving us this option again. of not the same way, you could make it so a moderator would have to approve this, to avois hateful symbols to be used. and have a cooldown for changing the pfp, like 30 or 90 days.

Now we cant see who is who that easy
Here, moderators arent marked like on the previous forum, this was a reallynice feature to have

Social credit
Please do not make this forum like Reddit, we all know how that is and how that will end, it will NOT end well for anyone, and it will be really unfair

There are many, many more issues, but here was some of the most important i believe. i hope you will consider any of this. if not this forum will not be sucsessful, at least for suggestions, as the important tools and features are gone



Spoilers are now here:

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Sub-folders really need to be added back to this, especially in the machinery of war section. The tags are frustrating to use and are just a downgrade over the older version of the forum.


100% Agree!

no one!!!

I’ve noticed or at least it appears that some people were able to transfer their avatars from the old forum? How were you able to do that and also is is possible to edit profile info? When I try it just loops me around this horrible software.

It’s gone

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Go to your profile and manually resave using your ingame avatar. That’s what allowed me to show this. Custom avatars are removed, unfortunately. Gj is progressing backwards.

The only thing you can do right now is to increase Zoom to 110% or more in your browser. At least your text will be bigger and you will not have these ghastly empty spaces on both sides of your screen. Looks like this “new” 2023 forum is still being formatted to 4:3 screen size for some boneheaded reason. It’s sad that in 2023 they cannot figure out a way to format this to user’s screen size.

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I’m not getting any options to do anything with my profile on this new forum.

Remember, this is supposed to be “better” than the old forum
But better for who, the forum user or the people at Gaijin to conveniently hide criticism?


Will we have to repost suggestions ourselves or will the mods do it?

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