Updated War Thunder forum

This is what they want… attempted silence of their player base.

absolutely agree, especially considering the massive positive change and update the steam UI just had, now compare it to this mess and this new “forum” looks even worse.

They should be able to bring the custom emojis here.


I am just tired from everything and now even this, I will not deal with this anymore, it does not work, in the screenshot you can see that I can not even click on some profiles - they are not loaded in, because it just can not handle loading all the replies at once without using page system, I do not know what else to say

Gaijin it seems like you need to gain trust from your community from 0 because it was destroyed too many times, I hope you like gaining it for prolonged time like we will be gaining trust levels on this forum…


No, forum is totally unlinked from bug reports.

Patch notes are on the official news as always and you can select the tag you are searching for like news, server update, devblog or major update.

Daily replies limit should be already fixed, the 3 replies limit and the PM limit is removed by spending 10 minutes on the forum.


Feel free to compare the 2 Screenshots and tell me in 1-2 seconds where new posts are and what they are about without navigating 20 subforums and guess if there might be something.


It reads on big white letters “Official News, Development Blogs and Updates”

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Yeah but is there currently news? Tell me what they are about in the new form to show me how much better the new forum is. In the old one I can see in 1 second oh look update, oh look devblog about emilie Bertain. You cannot do this here.


But maybe someone only want to see, if there’s news in a specific “sub- sub- category” like it was in the old form.

Plain & simple.

If i’m lurking around in the forum, i’m not in search for a specific named topic every time, nor do i want to set specific things everytime time / beforehand.

The Forum structure we’ve had, was really good!

If i’m now browsing to “machinery of war discussion” i’m forced to set tags or see a plethora of threads unstructured.

To keep it short: I’m wasting my time setting all those Tags, while it was easy to see in 1 second in the old system.


Dark mode is good but the positives stop there. The UI is confusing, staff posts arent highlighted anymore (the small shield/badge after the name is hardly noticeable) and overall it does not really fit my taste.

And more importantly why this was done without a single warning?


You can go to preferences → track → tags and select what do you want to get notified.
For example I selected server updates, devblogs, economy updates etc, so when there is a new post I get notified. You dont even need to be looking at the forum.

Hopefully this will help you with the New Forum. Feel free to PM me if you think something should be added


The dark theme with white text on black background is almost unreadable for me. Text size is really small. Black text on white background as an option is a must!

Navigation is unclear with tags instead of subforums.

Now it’s hard to see at a glance if there are new news and updates. That was the only reason I used the forum as the website does not show news and updates in a single view.

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how about an edit button for everyone?


It is on his post:

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Is there a tag for interesting new topics based on my ingame and real life preferences or do I need to search for these without tags or notifications? Like random person XY has created a new topic about something that might interest me without getting spammed with notifications about everyone else spamming these posts.

The new system and front end is just horrible and people defending it by “you just have to go into you specific sections and set up the right keywords to get notifications if other people know about them and use them” won’t change that.

I don’t want to log into the forums to see 52345 notifications and scroll for 50 minutes through these and look if there is something interesting just because I play Naval, Air and Tanks.
Having a notification if any player touches the subjects RB, naval, tanks, planes, updates, feedback, suggestions, complaints, news, devblogs etc. doesn’t sound appealing.

If I want to get spammed I without having any benefit I will just post my phone number on reddit.

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yeah about that. it doesnt exist

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Could have been an edit, but who needs that function.

The fact you are trying to sugarcoat Gaijin choosing the worse forum design possible will not convince me otherwise.

If the functions are still WIP how about working them out before forcing this change without any warning or discussion onto the player base?
There could have been a transparent discussion but now we are stuck with this bad looking and bad to use forum because someone thought it might be a good idea…