Updated War Thunder forum

@Smin1080p @Stona_WT Do you have any plans to bring back suggestion posts from old forum?

The search function is not working on the old forum.

I can specifically copy an old title, do a search and it does not come up.

The old forum was good. I dont like the new one, and I consider to not use it.

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New forum is terrible. Please change it back or to something like phpBB.

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If you really intend to keep everything from the old forum read only and then wipe it out in 2 years without any back up i am affriad there is no reason for me to stay here.


To make the long story short - I don’t like this forum software solution. Its the same base as M$ has for FS2020 forum. I cannot get used to it. Too chaotic.

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For me I can’t seem to get the new forum to work with Chrome, page appears and everything is unclickable, doesn’t even scroll. Even incognito is failing me.

Is there something I should know - and saying “don’t use Chrome” doesn’t help, being it’s the only browser I use.

Shame as I appear to be the only one that doesn’t mind the new forum…

That will make a lot of things easyer, but q lot of sproblems still exist, some of wich i mentioned. For now the biggest issues is the picture size and the not able to edit matter… Dor creatikg suggestions

Finally were able to edit! Now there is those matters left

But one canr quote multiple posts anymore

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@Stona_WT is there a historical report section?

No, historical report section of the forum was already closed on the old forum and all reports there were processed.

Historical reports are processed on the special website to report bugs:

Be sure to check the knowledgebase before reporting a bug:

A bird told me that everyone can edit their topics now :D


And when are we getting the actual sub sections for specific nations and types of vehicles according to that little bird? Something tells me 2000+ vehicle discussions are not gonna fit in a single machinery of war channel.

(Rushed forum switch)



Any changes going to be made to the report feature abuse?

Had my post hidden even though I didnt say anything agaisnt forum TOS.

Seems thay if you dont like someone you can just report their posts and censor them

I’m going to be honest. With this forum, I think you’ll not get anymore feedback from me. Just because it feels so horribly unusable. I really don’t want to write anything here. Really! The text window is tiny, the layout compressed. The high contrast exhausts the eyes. But most critically: the trust sytem is insane… how the hell can you actually go so far and implement a trust system that limits the ability of player to post feedback after you had the biggest meltdown in the history of your game, because players felt they have not been heard. You give power to users to act out control over new users and essentially steer the entire forum.

The new forum is horribly unorganized. We don’t have the layers we needed to sort the forum content properly. Posts are now harder to read because they are just messy. Content gets squished into a small horizontal area, white on dark is in mpst cases much more exhausting to read because of the high contrast - it is in this case.

But worst of all, you essentially purge 11 years of history. Years of user achievements, whether personal or even for the greater good of the game! Topics, suggestions and feedback will unsalvagably vanish in 2 years! You are essentially sending a signal that you will delete all of the efforts of the people that played your game and wanted to tell you what they didn’t like. It is exactly the opposite of what you should have learned through the massive backlash you received for the bad economy changes.

I really thought things were going to finally get better. But this is another of those common WT situations: One step forward (although it is a huge one), but two steps back. Why would you implement a restriction for feedback…? Just why?

And the greatest thing about this post is, that it can be controlled by a minority who disagrees with my points, flagging me, perhaps even getting me banned. This is insane, to be honest.


And for the moment, it’s cool, i send new players to the old forum for the academy because the new academy is not completed for the moment …

perhaps a test phase could have avoided this …

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So just to test your claim (no offense) I flagged your post. What happened when I did this, if you’re a level 1 like I assume you and I both are, is it gets flagged for the moderators to see what the issue is. Same as before. (I explained what I did in the accompanying note and asked them to revert).

So it increasingly seems there’s no real change here. If any posts are missing now, that was moderator action.

The default Discourse rules say at level 3 you can block level 0’s, but since you get to level 1 after 10 min browsing it’s hard to see how this would impact real forum users much.

There are a lot of things wrong with this forum, including the lack of trusted info about stuff like this is, but I’m not too worried about being softbanned by non-mods.

Yea… a soft transition. To evaluate how the new forum will be received…

I’ve seen premature hiding of posts based on community feedback through. So it will hide your post, although community members can look at it, if they conseed. It still sends a very weird message though and I belive you’ll read the post quite differently after noting that it has been flagged.

But regardless of flagging, a trust system on its own is a problem. I’ve considered the requirement to play 3 matches within a month to post to be just fine. Requiring forums activity I find nasty. It increases the entry barrier significantly - as well as the horrible UI and interaction does. People will use it less - and that is the problem. It is just bad design, this forum.


And you report a message because it gives its opinion on this new forum without insults or rudeness but he dont think than you…
And TL3s that can mask and practically block a TL0 in the eyes of others, that bothers me a lot. Only moderators should have this option.


So, I don’t see any difference in the post you flagged… I still see it. If a third party wants to look at it and see what if anything changed for them, that would seem useful data.