Some players using third-party overlays such as Overwolf are experiencing issues with their keyboard and mouse functionality in War Thunder. We’re currently working on a solution for this issue, but for now we recommend that if your game has stopped responding to keyboard and mouse commands, disable overlays that use key and mouse inputs. According to the data we have, Steam and Nvidia overlays don’t cause any problem and can be left enabled.

Ground vehicles

  • A bug that caused an armor element not to be taken into account after shells had richochetted off this very armor element has been fixed. This bug affected tanks with large complex-shaped armor elements such as the SU-100Y and SMK.
  • R3 T106 FA, Type 60 SPRG (C), Raketenautomat and others — a bug where only part of the selected ammunition was issued on vehicles with 2 independent guns with the same range of shells has been fixed. (Report).


  • Su-25K — a bug that caused the maximum number of countermeasures to be taken into battle even when a custom amount was set has been fixed. (Report).
  • Kurnass 2000 — a bug that caused the countermeasure pods to only have 1 countermeasure instead of 100 each has been fixed. (Report).
  • A bug where firing countermeasures in series did not work on helicopters has been fixed. (Report).
  • Mirage 2000C-S5, Mirage 2000-5F, Mirage 2000D-R1, Mirage F1C (all variants), JAS39A — a bug where rearming on an airfield started immediately after respawning has been fixed. (Report).
  • MiG-23ML, MiG-23 MLD, MiG-23 MLA (Germany) — a bug that caused these aircraft to not have countermeasures or to have less of them than needed has been fixed. (Report).
  • MiG-23 (all variants) — a bug that resulted in text keys being displayed instead of the names of countermeasures when loading them in the respawn screen and in the test flight window has been fixed.
  • Mirage 2000C-S5, Mirage 2000-5F — a bug that caused the amount of countermeasures loaded with the slider to be lower than in the statcard has been fixed.
  • F-20 — maximum speed has been decreased to ~ M1.95 at 12000 meters according to the flight manual for aircraft with a YF404 engine with an adjustment for the thrust of the production F404 engine.
  • A bug where the Raid Assessment radar tracking mode was displayed in the radar as TWS instead of RAM has been fixed.


  • A bug that caused decals to randomly change to other decals in battle has been fixed. (Report).
  • Bugs relating to EAC on MacOS have been fixed. (Report), (Report).

Patch notes reflect only key changes, meaning they may not include a complete list of all improvements made. Additionally, War Thunder is constantly being updated and some changes may not require an update. Changes reflected in patch notes are formed by taking reactions and requests of the community from the bug reporting service, forums and other official platforms into account. Bug fixes and changes are implemented in order of importance, for example a game-breaking bug will be worked on and implemented sooner.


That’s actually quick work!
Good job to the Bug-fix team!

There are still many left to fix so keep at it! ^^


Where’s the bug fix for the Namer? Most of its model is displayed as missing.


Any chance someone could look at these reports i made?
First - ERA spawns in damaged in M1A2 SEP (and V2).
Second - Game minimizes when i take screenshot.
Third - Ito 90M radar collides with objects when its folded down

Hi Stona.
Do you have any information about the squadron’s activities please?


Can you guys look into instant replay (and probably other similar software) now making the game lag and stutter very heavily? I noticed ita round 3 weeks ago. It’s not happening as often now after I ran a DDU and re-installed fresh drivers, but it’s not fully gone. I seem to remember this happening a few years ago as well, back then it just fixed itself after a while. WT is the only game that does it.

Example video

Devs working on fix.


My printscreen keybind changed with this update. Check your keybinds. Maybe another screenshot software is using it.

Still wait for Baz Meshupar situation to get resolve … the current state is just a joke.

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sure, the number of CMs has been fixed but they stop dispensing at 196 flares remaining, please forward that
Also, F-16D ISR only shows 120 CMs in the countermeasure selector instead of 180, is that intentional?
(note that the CM ratio does work)

I have the same keybind as before. No other software running that takes screenshots.
The image is still taken but the game minimizes at the same time.

Hi Stona.
AAM-4 has started to be adjusted to its own configuration in the most recent HotFix patch, but is it still in the process of being adjusted?
The current AAM-4 is now inferior in performance to the AIM-120B, so there is no advantage to developing it. Adjustments should be made keeping in mind that the AAM-4 is a missile developed later than the AIM-120B.

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@Stona_WT There’s a bug where the F16C in GRB loses all its flares for some reason.


Occasionally I have this problem with Discord, even after disabling game overlay.

Hello, this issue still exists and you can not use 46 chaff that is displayed, however they’re unusable on mirage 2000-5F


Logged in to confirm this, but I’m afraid this is still an issue. 46 Chaffs are still not deploable.


Is there plans to fix the Baz Meshupar?? Iits 13.0 wtih aim120s but lacks the most important mode for Fox 3, Track While Scan. Its pretty unfair it had this mode throughout the entire dev server and then is missing it on the live. On top of that, missing this radar mode makes having fox 3 almost useless

Is NVIDIA Reflex getting fixed so we can enable it? It seems to be causing white borders around everything from menu icons to vehicles models and textures. It just makes the game look washed out and blurry.

This was an issue in the Dev Server but it somehow still made it to the live update.

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Might want to fix that

Still no Fix for the countermeasures getting set to a minimum low of 0 after you spawn…even if you have it set to max on the spawn menu.

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