Ground Vehicles

  • The impact sectors of spall from APFSDS and HEAT shells have been recalculated. For tank-caliber APFSDS, the spalling density in the range of 7-14 degrees has been increased, while the spalling density in the range of 0-7 degrees has been decreased. The spalling of APFSDS from automatic cannons have been rebalanced to increase the amount of fragments in the range of 5-10 degrees. The spall dispersion range in a wide sector has been increased for rotating and non-rotating shaped charge (HEAT) projectiles. The maximum spall dispersion angle of rotating shaped rounds has been increased from +/- 40 to +/- 50 degrees with a slight increase in the wide sector spalling density.


  • Su-22M3, Su-22M3 (Italy) — The R-60M missile has been replaced with the R-60MK.
  • Su-22UM3K — the ability to use R-60MK missiles has been added.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Maybe I’m too dense to understand. Is this a buff or a nerf. Because it’s sound gibberish.


pls let the Type 81(C) go back to 11.0


Nice update for Su-22m3s but when will you finally add counter measures pod for the Syrian Su-22M3?



Nothing changes basically

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It depends on how accurate you are, and the specific target, but generally if you can aim against a large target with few modules

You are more likely to do (slightly) less damage to more modules that were close to what you aimed at.

If you can’t, you do (slightly) more damage to more modules that were near what you aimed at.

Wider spall cone that’s less centralized. A LOT more spall at wide angles.

Su-22s now have properly named export R-60s


The missile changes I get, only the APFSDS and HEAT didn’t make much sense.

can we get explanations in fortnite terms?


In other words, slight buff for non APHE rounds, I guess? Any reallife basis for that?

I’ve just described the changes.

more of a shotgun effect than sniper rifle effect

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did the squadron variant of the Su-22M3 get the R-60MK?

can developers create two styles for this rocket launcher.
one of them has bracket, as seen now. and the other one doesn’t, I can put it in the storage basket.
these two items can be sold simultaneously, maximizing the use of existing materials

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Great, so the already ridiculously wide spalling cone resulting upon penetration of a Leclerc is even wider now.
Shooting on the left side of the hull still allows you to get the other 2 crew members on the opposite of the hull.

Come on Gaijin, either fix the Leclerc armor or simply make the Leclercs Light Tanks already. The Leclerc’s survivability is nothing short of farcical now.


Might even finally touch it, play it even.

Amazing, glad I stopped playing that shit

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cause didnt it only have the R-60 before?

I started to loathe the short range of R-60/M/MK in rear aspect after playing MiG-23MLA/MiG-29A a lot last may/june.

I actively avoid the base version whenever I can.

I haven’t used this meme in fore ever…

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