Switch the Leclerc MBTs from the "medium tank" role to the "light tank" role

Since Leclerc MBTs are as armored as Light Tanks, I suggest they’re changed to the Light Tank role.

Against top tier APFSDS shells, the Leclercs are literally as armored as a BMP-2M :

Hell, even an HSTVL, which is a light tank, is more armored than a Leclerc.

Considering the speed at which Gaijin is adding light vehicles for France we won’t have a top tier light tank before at least 2 other years.

So if we’re going to die as soon as someone sneezes anywhere near us, we might as well be able to spot for the other actually armored MBTs.

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Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?


I agree

Honestly, all tanks at top tier and Cold War era should get a scouting mechanic in my eyes.


Pfff, silly French man. The minor nations only exist to feed the top 3. Primarily Russia.


It actually makes a lot of sense, surprisingly. +1

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while youre at it, why don’t you make the type 10 a light tank

(dm53 always pens against composite, ignore protection analysis)

At least the Type 10 has 4 seconds and 610+ mm of pen. Leclercs have literally nothing competitive at the moment.
They accelerate slower than Leopard 2s, reload slower than Abrams, the second lowest penetration. They also have crazy spalling, nuclear fuel tanks, only 3 crew members and the lowest depression among NATO tanks.
Giving Leclercs the ability to scout would compensate a little for them being so excruciatingly bad at the moment

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that will be catastrophic, Historical Mode will become Arcade Mode, and sniper vehicles will lose all competitiveness

continuing to elongate BR would be more suitable, with Leclerc staying at 11.7 and other vehicles growing to 12.0-12.7

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That wouldn’t change a thing. If you want to use any Mirage or the Tiger helicopter, you’ll always end up fighting the other MBTs you’re trying to get the Leclercs away from.

And of you’re not trying to play the Mirages or the Tiger helicopter, you still have HUGE chances of being uptiered and play against the other MBTs you’re trying to get the Leclercs away from. It’s a lose-lose situation either way.

As if a 0.7 BR difference would suddenly make the Leclercs viable lol …

This have much sense. Modern battlefield operator as network, so this would be not unusual to use MBT for aquiring enemy position