• AMX lack of thermal imaging mode in the targeting pod camera when installing the NVG modification has been fixed.
  • JAS39 (all variants) — the gun’s ammunition has been changed to 120 rounds. (Report)
  • Litening II — a bug that caused an incorrect resolution in the sight has been fixed. It is now 800x600 in IR range.
  • A bug that caused high-explosive shells from aircraft cannons to not cause damage to the fuselage section they hit if there was a module behind it has been fixed.

Ground Vehicles

  • VT-4A1 — the commander’s sight magnification has been adjusted from 3-10x to 6-10x; gunner’s sight from 6-11x to 6-10x.


  • USS Mississippi — the main caliber guns have been changed from 356 mm\45 mk.12 to 356 mm\50 mk.11. The parameters of the shells have been adjusted.
  • Novorossiysk — the auxiliary caliber gun has been changed from 135 mm/45 to 120 mm/50 OTO mod.1933.


  • A bug where putting decals on some ground vehicles (for example, the Comet I, T-34 (1942) and some others) with Two sided mode caused the decal to appear on three sides at once has been fixed. (Report)
  • A bug that caused decals applied to a corner to only appear on one surface side has been fixed.
  • A bug that could cause the water color to display incorrectly when using a VR device has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused an incorrect texture display when using the Vulkan API renderer has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused some objects to visually shake when using TAA, DLSS or XeSS has been fixed.

PlayStation and Xbox

  • A bug that led to the appearance of artifacts on water has been fixed.


  • An issue that could cause problems with launching the game on Windows 7 has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


on stuff like the litening II it would be nice to know what it was and what it will be, its 800x600 now, but what was it before?


I wonder when they will start correcting tank armor based on reports from the servers, huh, developers?


When is the A7V armour planned to be fixed?


I would like to ask
FV4333 Stormer HVM SPAA, the missiles are not aligned with the camera and fly through the plane or if one of the three missiles hits the plane is undamaged, the same thing happens to the helicopter and I would also like to see in the future the stormer be able to split the missiles and hit several smaller targets at once and one more thing, I would like to know why the Starstrek HVM rockets got masked nerfs that can’t be found in the devblog GAIJIN ?? !!


This one does not make sense… the report is for the E version not A or C. The E version has MASSIVE upgrades compared to A/C. it not even the same airframe as A/C. how did this go through?


just aircraft and ships? what about tanks?


So the gun should have even less or what
If the E uses the same gun its gonna have the same ammount of ammo

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Add TWS to the F-15


Soooo, abrams spall liner/ possible armor fixes soon?


the E has has such big changes that it cannot be used for report for A/C. it has bigger internal fuel tanks in addition to different airframe. the space for ammo is probably not the same between the E and A/C. i have no idea if its bigger or smaller, but it can’t be used for changing the A/C version.

if they cant use information about armor for tanks from documents on similar tanks then this should not count either.


So they made the ammo box smaller on the E or bigger
Like that gun ain’t hold 500 rounds

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how do you know?

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Physics mate
500 rounds of 27mm cant fit in there


It was forwarded as a suggestion and not a bug precisely because it was on the Gripen E and not C. Additional material was also provided by other users that confirms 120 rounds of ammunition for the C.

Coupled with the fact the ammunition box physically is not big enough to carry that amount of ammunition when the same gun on the Tornado had less ammunition than the Gripen originally with a larger box.

If you have source that claims another figure is correct, we can certainly pass that for consideration.


Is there a possibility to get those other sources used?
(and its a bit odd to OLNY link to a report on a different version plane when justifying a change when other sources also was used)
i get that 500 rounds is way to much and unreasonable, i just got confused by the fact that they used version E as a source for changing A/C, even estimating a value would have been more acceptable in my personal opinion.

i sadly don’t speak/read finish, but when that document is google translated it says “rate of fire 120”. not number of rounds carried?

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oh, i ment the first bit.

We don’t know this do we?

Even Wikipedia says it’s 120rd.

sure, but Wikipedia isn’t a source and there is no source listed in Wikipedia for that information so we have no way of knowing if that is true.

This document here on the website of the SAAF also confirms the 120 rounds: Microsoft Word - Inside Gripen.doc (saairforce.co.za)

The Gripen is intended primarily to use air-to-air missiles and “smart” air-to-surface weapons, but can also deliver “dumb” bombs when these are better suited to a target, and the single-seat variant also has a 27mm Mauser BK27 cannon armed with 120 rounds.