• The “Order of Maritime Merit” award has been added for the French Navy.


  • The ability to edit the list of camouflages that are automatically selected for a certain type of location has been added. You can now exclude any camouflages from the auto selection list except the Standard one.
  • A bug when selecting the “Automatic” camouflage type causing it to not save after a battle has been fixed.
  • In the crew upgrade window, crew qualification for the current vehicle is now shown across all tabs.
  • In the universal backup activation window in battle, an option to disable the confirmation message popup when using a backup has been added.
  • A bug where the “Backup” text on a vehicle was missing in the respawn window when it was possible to spawn with it only using a universal backup has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the performance characteristics of a shell to not show in the Protection Analysis if a vehicle only had one type of shell has been fixed.


  • SB2C (all variants) — a bug that caused the defensive turret to be able to fire through the fuselage has been fixed. (Report)
  • TIS-MA — a bug that caused rocket launcher rails to show on the wings when selecting FAB-100 bombs has been fixed. (Report)
  • AJS37 — launch rail for the RB 74 missiles has been replaced with a correct one.
  • SA.341F Gazelle — the HOT-1 ATGM no longer requires modification research and is available immediately. The HOT-2 modification has been moved from Rank III of modification research to Rank II. The HOT-1 modification has been removed. The modification cost in Golden Eagles or Research Points will be compensated.
  • A.109EOA-2 — the 2 x BGM-71C ITOW option has been added, which does not require researching any modifications and is available immediately.
  • A bug where it was possible to fire guns even if control was lost due to overloads has been fixed.
  • A bug in Arcade Battles that caused the visibility of dropped or fired secondary weapons to not update after reloading while in spectator mode has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused part of the image of one multifunction display to be overlapped onto another has been fixed. For example, the frontline of the enabled map was overlapping on other screens in the cockpit. (Report)
  • A bug which caused messages about the inability to fire rockets due to the landing gear being deployed to not appear has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the inability to fire rockets after the landing gear was torn off on aircraft where having landing gear down blocks rockets from firing has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused rocket boosters to work incorrectly when the instructor’s “auto control of engine” setting was enabled has been fixed.
  • Su-17M2 — a bug that prevented the launch of a missile in a direction different from the direction to the activated target point has been fixed.

Ground Vehicles

  • A bug that made it possible to change a loaded belt, clip or magazine without firing a loaded round has been fixed.
  • Ariete (P), Ariete, Ariete PSO, Ariete AMV — the blowout panel mechanic has been removed, as it was incorrectly present whilst all ammo was actually stored in the crew fighting compartment instead. (Report)
  • Ariete (P), Ariete, Ariete PSO, Ariete AMV — a bug where there was no secondary shrapnel formation when the upper front hull was hit has been fixed.
  • M60 AMBT — a bug where there was no stabilizer for the 25 mm LW25 gun has been fixed. (Report)

Naval Vessels

  • MS-53, Soukou-Tei — the aiming angles for guns of the first group of weapons have been increased.
  • HMS Gay Archer — the previously empty ammunition magazine, located closer to the stern, is now filled with shells.
  • Vauquelin — a bug that caused a deck anti-aircraft machine gun to not attack enemy aircraft and boats has been fixed. (Report)
  • A bug that caused the highlighting of the projectile impact point to be missing has been fixed.
  • A bug that allowed rockets to be fired while reloading has been fixed.
  • A bug where torpedoes did not take reloading into account has been fixed. For example, on the destroyer Pr.45 Opytny it was possible to fire a salvo of 10 torpedoes from 8 tubes without reloading. (Report)

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


No more white Tigers on summer maps :D

What dis? Pls explain.

Very goooooooood!

Yes yes yes yes! (hopefully fixed for all planes) Thank you

What a massive QOL update. Thanks!

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More! Nerf it more! Burn it!
PS what about its protection and spall liners?


Removing the magical blowout panels from ariete, but without fixing any of its armor? Come on!
Please, fix the armor once and for all. It’s already the worst top tier MBT of all, while sitting at the same BR as the leopards etc…


this is the best thing that happend in WT in the latest years ! the fact that the auto selector selected the “brown” camo over the desert camo that i bought for top tier germany on desert maps was crap, and there were other cases in other nations…


Sound return back when?

You tell me now that this thing had blowoutpannels in the game ?!
I did not even know that one and now that I know it this feature is gone :(


Just jokes from russian forum:
“Ariete’s are so OP they can kill 18 tanks: 17 of them being 2A7V’s and STRV-122s, and then they leave the spawn.”
“Ariete’s are so OP they should remove it’s composite and APDSFS, leaving it with HEAT-FS just for 2A7V and STRV-122s to be on par with it.”

aw someone doesnt like a simple joke?


And I still Wonder how the ariete still is 11.7


I probably was saved by the bug a dozen time each week

Armor only make players overconfident in positioning, meh, not useful

Why not? Why not create a function that would check if user has more than 1 camouflage and if it is true then allow camouflage picked by user as standard one / default and exclude the standard. Else disable exclude button for standard camouflage.

I am glad that camouflages have been fixed and improved QoL.
Now fix the Nato camouflage and other stripe patterns.

In regards of using backups could we also see how many are left?


nice, if Ariete was a ♥♥♥♥ tank but funny to use, now is only ♥♥♥♥. I really hope they will give it it’s true armor values and kevlar plates, and the ammunition it’s true that are in the fighting compartement, but they are actually stored in a protected container as on the Merkava

Information on what I said are all online:

Other that now the OTO Melare is working on upgrading the C1 variants to the C2;
Here are the informations from official site of OTO Melara:

The ARIETE C2 is the evolution of the ARIETE C1 Main Battle Tank.
The tank is characterized by high mobility, advanced armour protection and substantial firepower.

Hull and turret are made of welded steel with composite armour. The upgraded powerpack incorporates an IVECO V-12 turbocharged intercooled 12-cylinder diesel power plant that develops 1500 HP.

The fully automatic transmission system provides four forward and two reverse speeds and incorporates thesteering system and a hydraulic retarder. The upgraded heavy-duty final drives together with the widened track system provide the tank with an increased mobility in all operative conditions.

The running gear is completed by seven dual rubber-lined road wheels, plus four return rollers on each side.

The suspension system consists of a torsion bar and hydraulic bumper on each suspension arm.
The brake system has also been improved responding to the new requirements in terms of performance and increased GVW. A Leonardo 120/44mm smoothbore gun, stabilized on both axes is the main armament. A 7.62mm machine gun coaxially fitted to the main armament weapon of the same caliber is mounted on the turret roof together with a 12,7mm MG for local and air defence.

The 120mm gun can fire all available NATO ammunitions, including chemical and kinetic energy types. Leonardo new FCS includes day/night Attila-D commander’s panoramic sight and Lothar-SD gunner’s sight both with third generation thermal imagers and eye safe laser range finders. The state-of-the-art ballistic computer and the new electric servo system allow precise firing on the move against static and moving targets. C4I includes Leonardo Software Defined Radio, digital intercom, C2 and navigation system. The tank is also equipped with a satellite communication device. C4I configuration transforms the MBT ARIETE in a net-centric element on the operative scenario.


Gaijin hates Italy and they just refused to admit it. However whichever way they nerf the tank, it cannot nerf Italy mains, the most powerful factor.


You are right, but I as an Italy main and italian, cannot see my nation ruined in this way, let’s not talk about Sagittario 2°, all I can do is whatching russians anger if they get killed by an italian vehicle and then laught when gaijin just nerfs them for the reasons that players who plays italy are good at the game.
I just hope one day all the minor nations will get some justice


I am Chinese and I dont even want to talk about the state of the tree in warthunder. And yet still many believed that Chinese top tier is good: nah, it is more like Britain, individual vehicles are meh but it has a very balanced lineup


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I agree! For example, there are many instances where Standard is selected over Bicolor Camouflage on the Challenger 1/2/3 tanks on maps that perfectly fit the latter- I would like to filter Standard out, since I already got a non-desert camouflage and that’s the Bicolor one!

This would be neat, too. British Bicolor has too little black, German Tricolor CARC has too much brown and too little black, the patterns are far from perfect and they shouldn’t apply to wheels either.


Aww this saved me quite alot

would be cool if we got to keep this seeing a certain nations tanks also sometimes seem to lack this


Why don’t gaijin just remove arietes armor entirely? That way I can comfortably laugh at major tree players with stats showing that Italy in fact, has the best players in the game.


Remove Italy at this point i mean if gaijin need to hate so much on italian why do we need to waste money here?