hmm… they removed Arietes only special future :/

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something with this new update broke crew lock.
i randomly get crew locked in battle so i cant spawn some tanks even though they were fine before starting the search for matchmaking.
i have also seen a tank of mine get crew locked mid battle when i used a universal backup on a different tank.

I love how gaijin Is fast when It come to nerf the Ariete but when It come to fix the armor values they take ages.

Where are the spall liners?

  • HMS Gay Archer — the previously empty ammunition magazine, located closer to the stern, is now filled with shells.

@Stona_WT Why have you decided to fill this aft magazine when there is no aft-mounted cannon on Gay Class vessels in torpedo boat configuration? This magazine was used to store the ammo for the aft AA cannon (either twin 20mm or single 40mm) which was only mounted when fitted out in gunboat configuration. A configuration not represented in game.

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Focus: organize the blackshirts


One thing that would be nice to be fixed is the french camo for 70s (and more) tanks, in game the CARC camo purchasable with GE is actually german, the real french one have other color (there is a bug report about this for a while already)

Glad Gaijin dedicates time and effort to nerfing the worst top tier vehicles in the game some more, almost as impressive as the effort put into ruining Japan.


What we got today is a good QoL improvement for customization, but this needs further updating. Let us chose what camo for each vehicle we want for the types of maps( Forest, Urban, Desert, Winter) in the menu, not before the battle. There was a suggestion about this but sadly it wasnt implemented until now, but with the wright steps that Gaijin is taking lately maybe we will be lucky and get it.

The camo management changes are very welcome. Nice job.

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Weird things are happening. I play a match, after the match is done, I repair all the vehicles and go to the next one only to discover that I can’t use the vehicles I used in previus match. Are server hamster on some sort of “enhanced” kibble or is this a new feature from this update?

This is NOT an improvement! There is is just WAY to much information crammed into the screen.

Maybe just highligt the Qualification tab instead.


now vehicles dont repair even when you manually repair them.

Good job on the camouflage corrective action. I’d commented on that earlier. However, I noticed a few things playing several hours earlier today, and these things have never happened to me before - maybe as a result of the current upgrade, maybe not. 1) Lag time between shot hitting and results displaying. Example: I shoot at a tank, the round hits, nothing happens, then a delay of a fraction/second, then the results are posted. Maybe internet, who knows, but this is new and just started today after the update. 2) Return to the hanger post battle, repairing battle damage, and the tanks - after repairing - remain red as if they weren’t repaired. Click on the tank and it reads as repaired but remains red. So to counter this, I selected a different preset, then back to the original and all the tanks are now green. Today is the first day I’ve seen this effect.
WT remains an interesting game. Chinese proverb allusion intentional.

Something I forgot: 3) Kills not registering for camouflage skin progression. 5 points per kill for the next camo scheme but kills after latest upgrade not being counted.

hmm seems like the A.109 EOA-2 lacks the free ITOW option

I am disappointed that you cannot exclude the default camo as that was the one I was most often wanting to exclude, if this is not possible, an alternative method would be to prioritize any other camo over default if they share similar regions.

Normal way:
Let players set their auto camo for each map…

Gaijiin way:

Why making things easy when there’s an illogical and unnecessarily complicated way?