It's fixed! №86

Hey everyone, in this article we’ll be talking about the bug fixes and improvements that we’ve been working on in the past 2 weeks — thanks as always for your bug reports!

If you’ve found a bug that you’d like to report, you can do so on our community bug reporting platform.

Customizing automatic selection of camos

We’re continuing to improve the functionality of automatic selection of camouflages for ground vehicles depending on the location. We’ve seen your comments and have added the ability to edit the list of camouflages that are automatically selected. If you don’t like one, simply exclude it and the camouflage in the list will then become inactive. You can remove any camouflage from the list apart from the Standard one, and you’ll still be able to select an excluded one manually before the battle.

On the topic of camos, we’ve fixed a bug that would cause a selected “auto” camouflage setting to not save after a battle, which lead to unfortunate moments in using a winter camouflage on a forest map.

QoL improvements to selecting universal backups

We’ve recently added the ability to use universal backups directly in a battle, and to prevent a universal backup from being used accidentally the game provided a popup message asking you if you were sure that you wanted to use one — but this was a lot of clicks.

We’ve now added a “Skip Confirmation” box next to the backup use button so that you can activate it faster. Once ticked, this setting will be remembered on your account and the game will no longer ask you if you really want to use a universal backup.

There’s one other quality of life improvement when using backups in battle. In the respawn window, if it was only possible to spawn by only activating a universal backup, a selected vehicle did not have the “Backup” text indicating that it could be used — that’s been added now!

Reloads in naval battles

There was complete chaos at sea: ships had been allowed to ignore the reloading of torpedoes and bombs! These were allowed to be used one after another without an issue until they ran out entirely. This was quite problematic, but we’ve now found the root cause of the issue and now it’s no longer a problem.

That’s not all

That about finishes up today’s news, but there’s still more to look through. The full list of improvements and bug fixes can be found in the below update notes. We’ll quickly list a few others: the “Order of Maritime Merit” award has been added for the French Navy, the highlighting of projectile impact points that were missing have been fixed, and the overlapping multifunction display in the cockpit has been fixed too.

Once again, many thanks for all your bug reports that you submitted using our special service.



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And Arietes get nerfed again…

This time losing the blast panels that aren’t anymore fictional than non exploding vertically stacked propellant charges currently present on the T-80/T-64.

Arietes have had such a feature for YEARS and countless bug reports about it were intentionally ignored leading to undeniable confirmation that it was very much intentional.

Bug fixes and general improvements coming with a sneaky nerf to nations that are doing well despite having objectively worse vehicles is still a thing huh…


Good qol changes.

Regarding backups, I don’t like how game warns me I still have available vehicles, when trying to return to hangar. Even though its possible only with backup.

When you have a plane with ordnance it costs more SP. You’d be able to spawn those planes without the ordnance (or specific ammo belt), that’s why you get the message.

I’m wondering here though - how to submit a bug in a way that it won’t be marked as “not a bug” or not get evaluated at all for ages on the bug tracker?

There is a bug with how secondary guns are synced to the main gun through elevation despite not being coaxial, so they have different trajectory and it’s getting discarded because that was the initial intent for the implementation, despite many new vehicles having obvious problems coming from this.

And also I’ve got a bug reported right away for BM-31 after the event, and it wasn’t even marked yet for over 8 months.

It’s like there’s a will to not accept bugs…

What about 5 min ready rack reload in Vcc 80/60?? It’s still not fixed.

This is amazing! I remember suggesting this some months ago. Glad to see it here, thank you!

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I do like the new system for the camouflage as a basis. But on many vehicles it is the standart camo I don’t like and would want to exclude. Could you make it so that you could set another camo as the “default camo” and remove the standart one?

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Doesn’t matter, we are too good to be nerfed, now the tank cannot be any worse, we can comfortably exercise our dominance and laugh at the strv and leo players.

the gaijin after having nerfed the ariete for the 3240549 time = 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

So you’re complaining that Arietes and T-80s have equal exploding change…
Lack of realism was never intentional.
There is no nerf, there is correction of an OP unrealistic situation.

by definition its a nerf
The tank is worse then it was before

I dont like it, it should be nerfed harder, like litearlly I want people to salute to it whenever they see an ariete carrying the game.
The worse it is, the more superior we look.

I don’t have planes in my lineups.

I keep getting the confirmation when using a backup despite enabling skip confirmation.

There is a difference between nerf and correction, though.

A nerf has negative connotations; a nerf is about making something perform worse compared to how it should…

On the other hand, a correction is making something perform exactly as it should.

For example; Ariete’s blowout panels do not exist. Therefore, this was a correction.

However, Ariete’s turret armor is underperforming because it’s worse than it should- hence, it’s nerfed.

See the difference?

Really happy to see camouflage selection/exclusion finally make it into the game, it’s something I was really looking forward to! Very pleasant surprise when I logged on today.

Why can’t the standard camo be excluded? In a lot of cases, that’s the one I’d like to exclude. Is it a limitation in the code?

Do we have to click the skip for every vic every game. The reason i ask is because thats what i have had to do so far

What’s “vic”?