• A bug that caused Research Points received for Skill Bonuses to not be reflected in the “Total” and modification research progress in the battle results window has been fixed. This bug was only visual, with the received Research Points calculated correctly.
  • A bug that caused an “Internal character server error” error when clicking on a premium/event vehicle after completing the research of a vehicle has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the number of rockets on ground vehicles (e.g. the BM-13N) to not decrease after being destroyed by enemy fire has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused popup hints from the “Battle of the Atlantic” event to appear in regular naval battles has been fixed.

Battle of the Atlantic Event

  • A bug that made it possible to load into this event with reserve vehicles rather than the pre-made lineups has been fixed.
  • A bug that caused the release of depth charges to occur in a series with a single press of the button assigned to this function has been fixed.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Is there any explanation to why the Submarine event gets a “purchase ammo” prompt when joining the event? After all the event itself doesnt produce SL, so seems weird if people need to pay for the ammunition.

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Can you share screen please? From moment when you are joining the event.
You should not be able to purchase ammo for vehicle you do not have (in this case, event vehicles from Sub Event).

I saw this one, but it doesn’t say, you are purchasing ammo for event vehicles. Such screen can pop-up because you need to fill ammo after finished battle etc.

I forgot to mention this is when joining a match on the US side. I own the Fletcher, but I’ve never played it, but even then, it sounds quite unfair if people have to pay for ammo costs in an event that doesnt pay out any SL reward, just because they happen to have a vehicle unlocked in their Tech tree.

I’ve always kept ammo purchasing enabled when playing the normal modes, so I dont know why it would prompt this each time, and it’s always been a very similar 33k SL price. So far I’ve had to spend some 90k or more SL to keep up with the event tasks.

This happen only when I want to join US side. After clicking “Take part” it ask me if I want to purchase ammo and its always 33 830SL. I own Fletcher in TT.

I can join Germany side without this message popup.

I have automatic repair and automatic ammo refill enabled on all of my regular tech tree vehicles so this is not coming from previous battle.

Wait, the depth charge release thing was a bug?! I thought that was done intentionally for the gamemode so people have to plan their maneuvers better to release a line of them over a sub lol

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How so… care to explain?

Thanks, checking!

Is ARB cannon fragment damage change a bug? Or is it really a change

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After this update the map rotation is completely destroyed , please fix it.

WTF is happening with map rotation @Stona_WT

I’m still getting the demand to pay for ammo in the Submarine event. And its always the same sum of SL. So it’s definitely about the event, not any of my normal mode vehicles.
Could we seriously get a fix to this?

If you go to the Fletcher in the tech tree, does it say you’re out of the purchasable ammo there? That’s what this looks like.

Fletcher in my TT is completely stock. I havent even researched any other ammo types than the standard HE. But even then, it’s ridiculous that people have to cash out SL for an event that doesnt reward any.
It’s over 33k SL per MATCH.

This does feel like a bug.

Any explanation I could think of is that the game looks that I dont have any ammo for the vehicle, because the ammo types havent even been researched, then it demands me to buy the ammo, because it wont let me start a match without buying ammo. Then as the match ends, the game looks at the TT vehicle and realises that it doesn’t have access to the purchased ammo, and it just deletes what was left of the purchased ammo. So each match it wants me to buy all the ammo.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that the event is coded so poorly that it cant distinguish between vehicles used in the event, and players personal Tech tree vehicles. Come on now.

Did the check come to any conclusion?