Totally wonderful. I won’t say anything else hehe.


You’re the one complaining about Su-25 being 10 mister

I can’t believe that you guys thought making maps even more smaller is a solution, they’re already way too small for modern tanks.


Me: Bought Sho’t Kal Dalet in January. Tank is mediocre on 8.3 - paper slow centurion
Gajin: in april gave Dalet I era (1982 yeer) thermovision and up to 8.7 not changing anything else (but Gimmel it is the same tank without thermals have bigger armor on upper plate - pls devs check it :)
Me: I now fight with TURMS, and other better tank who drive faster than me driving reverse. My apfds bouce on Tam tower and bmp1. It is lucky to kill 2 tanks in one battle.
Gajin: Made Turms and some other tanks higher br.
Me: I’m killed 90% battles from drone, or II WW tank or AA gun with my 90 mm frontal armor… Blurry thermal is useless and my era don’t work good.
Gajin: Change BR of drons spawn - they was on 9.7 BR
Me: AA guns and II world war tanks kill me evry time when i try be agressive or snipe.Shooting my cupola is killing 2 members of my crew- i don’t see enemy but he see my big pot.
Gajin: Change br of Dalet at 9.0.
Me: I don’t play shot kal dalet anymore…

//Isn’t possible to make changing BR when you have stock tank or when you dissmantle some of “technic” parts? It is more comfort to play stock tanks before you don’t research better ammo? For me thermals on sho’'t kal dalets it is to bad to make it 9.0 tank…

The Dalet and Gimel both have the same armor. Upper front glacis plate is 76.2mm with a 51mm plate for the ERA mounting, ERA is 50mm. Both have 127.2mm RHA, the stat card just needs to be corrected for the Gimel.

Why is middle east still not fixed enemy shooting in spawn is normal here since the enemy spawn behind enemy rocks on a hill!! Xm1 still 9.3 well its safe to say this for sure should have been moved to 9.7.

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fair to say people on middle east camp your spawn as soon as you spawn but nothing is done about this.

After WW2 ground decompressing, can we expect further decompressing of Cold Era tanks by moving top-tiers upper?

And why ATGMs being tortured to death??? If you moving them away from WW2, consider reverting latest unwanted/unasked ATGM physics changes.

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Is this update a rolling implementation by time zone or platform? The BR changes aren’t reflected for me—PS5.


That sounds like a pretty specific segment of the community. Gaijin’s implemented many of the things I and others wanted/have asked for. I don’t even know the issues you’re referring to.

Doesn’t make them invalid, just surrounded in hyperbole.

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Merkava Mk 2D needs the M426 Shell. At 9.7 it’s going to be facing tanks that will outperform it quite significantly in both armor and mobility. The M413 shell lol pens the lower br vehicles anyways so the M426 wouldn’t be much different if it does get a downtier. Either it goes back to 9.3 and stays with the M413 shell or it gets the M426. Oh and the T-72 TURMS should definitely go to 10.3 as well as the 2S38.

They already faced the 9.0 tanks before the BR changes.
9.0 tanks were 8.7 before.

@RCX_feroX1 Leo 1 vs T-55AM1 was occurring before the changes.

Type 74s are Leopard 1s with laser range finders and stabilizers.
Type 74G has a superior round to XM-1.

Great update, I can finally put my lighting f.53 in a lineup.

so played for 3 hours today with the now new 9.3 IDF line up, as i feared almost constant full up-tiers to 10.3.
The M111 which i unlocked as a t4 mod is now a T1 and have to unlock the now T4 “DM33”.;
Did i miss anything or are the newly after action reports missing ?
Also when i did get a 9 kill game RP was pathetic did they roll back anything?

Only a minority of the community plays SB, and therefore it gets the least amount of attention. Been over a year since they dialled all the spaa up to 1000. Still no changes or fixes, despite everyone in SB hating that change

I have to admit, there needs to be a further br change, at least for the modern tanks. And I agree that the T55AM-1 is going to destroy the Leo I at 8.7 and other tanks, and the Object 279 as well. This will lead people to play only Russian tanks. Something needs to be done fast.

These BR changes should have not been implemented without raising the MAX BR ceiling and moving other vehicles up as well . The developers just moved the compression issue from one BR and caused another issue further up the tree.

You now have early cold war vehicles from the 8.3-9.3 range facing superior tanks like the
t72 turms, Abrams and Leo2a4 which they have no business facing .

Now you constantly get pulled into 10.3 games due to the premiums at that BR with vehicles that are laughably inferior in almost every aspect .

Did the developers forget they just decompressed the BR range of 8.7 -10.7 which had big compression issues prior to this change?

These BR changes are rushed and pointless when it has done nothing to address the actual compression issue some BR ranges have. Please further decompress and increase the MAX BR ceiling for ground RB and SIM.

I stay by the belief that the Tornado MFG should go back to 10.7. 11.0 in something like that almost exclusively faces 12.0 vehicles is nonsense especially when more capable variants like the ADV and F3 get many more times the flares, useful radar, 4x the missiles, slightly better performance all at 11.3

after playing this game for a decade i think its time to delete it.
i absolutely hate these changes. i’ve worked long and hard to grind vehicles for certain BR games which are useless now.