Yeah nice job, putting Leopard I, DF105 an other german vehicles from 7.3 to 8.0, where you stand literally no chance against russian or chinese vehicles. Fix that otherwise vast amounts of your community will be gone or only play russian vehicles. Is it fair to face T55 AM1 that got APDS-FS with a Leopard 1 that only got that poor HEAT-FS???


Awesome spawn camping is bad , but now how you fix spawn camping with Helis and Aircrafts ?

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Yeah absolutely, Leo 1 against T55 AM1👍


Try it in an AMX-30.

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I sat down and looked through the BR changes and listed off the ones that are stupid (because of things at the same BR that aren’t moving) the number refers to the vehicles original BR.

6.7 - C13 T90 (meanwhile the Ratel 90 is 6.0 and the Ratel 20 stays at 6.7)

7.0 - FV4202 (IS-3 meanwhile…)

7.3 - Caernarvon (no reason to use it when the Conq is still 7.7), M48 pattons (they’re fucking identical to the M47s that aren’t going up)

8.0 - EVERY ATGM CARRIER aside from Wall-E (they’re fucking garbage), Type 74/STB (they’re G A R B A G E)

8.3 - IKV 91-105 (it’s worse than the regular one 2 BR lower), Type 89 (it’s worse than the Warrior and Bradley a BR lower), Pbv 302 (BILL) is fucking garbage and could be 7.7 and it’d still suck.

8.7 - A1A1 (it’s literally worse than every other 8.7 MBT that’s going up, and now will share a BR with the M48 super which is faster/better armored/has a better dart/and gets thermals), Type 74s (they’re GARBAGE)

9.0 - Type 74G… yet the XM-1 Chrysler stays at 9.0?, CV9030 FIN/VBCI-2 (they’re both worse stat for stat in every single possible category than the begleit which is staying at 9.3)

9.7 - T-72B (worse stat for stat in EVERY CATEGORY except pen and armor when compared to the 2K, AMX-40 both of which aren’t fucking moving. 2AV the same as the last one applies here as well, it’s just the 2AV is actually decent, but still worse than all aforementioned.

Needless to say gaijin you fixer nothing. You made a problem worse than it originally was because you wanted to me the WW2 crowd happy.

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“We have listened to your advice”

Implements none of the changes the community asked for

Still no fix for the Tornado F3 being too high and thus unplayable in ASB, instead you have just ruined the ADV as well

Still no fix for the fact that Phantoms have a “lucky-draw” BR that does not reflect their performance, especially compared with identical jets.

Please fix and buff the Renown. At the very least her BR needs to be lowered to 6.7 and the draft fixed, or just lowered to 6.3 in the current state, or I might as well give up my plans to pay GE for her… I suspect others would make similar choices. She’s not a worthy prize right now…


any particular reasons why this doesn’t seem to be on console yet?
or atleast the PS4 client?

Please jump to the initial topic and read through that 1200 posts. Then come back and say same.
Fact, that we did not implement some suggestions (or suggestions made by you) doesn’t mean, we did not listen and/or ignore BR feedback.

If you want to suggest more changes, please wait for another Planned BR changes topic.


This is pretty pathetic. I don’t care if devs use image gen to fill in smaller details in a sign or any other texture. But they could at least structure it like a real artist. And it’s “Sun City” what happened to the American prairie sign painter?

Su-25 deserves worse

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I play the same lineup and don’t understand it either. Also the leo 1 change is stupid. These tanks are not hard to play against by decent players. They need better (and more obvious) sim matching choices that divide ww2 and cold war more harshly.

Sounds like someone has the case of Skill Issue.

Been waiting 9 months for the F4J(UK) to go down to a sensible BR that actually matches the FGR2/FG1 that are actually better aircraft (but 2 stops lower)

In fact most Phantoms seem to have a totally random BR selection:


SB BR overhaul is needed - #6 by Pexitron

F-4F BR is extremely high

F-4F Phantom II Dumb BR in SIM

Multiple people in there are discussing those issues, none of which have been implemented

and it can’t be just because its a premium. If that is the case, then why the hell is the Mig-23ML at 11.0. That jet is identical to the Mig-23MLD at 11.3

Been waiting 5 months for the Tornado F3 to go down to a sane BR. Im confidently going to say its the least played EC9 jet in the game currently. Literally no one plays it. Why? Beecause its 11.7 when its barely a 11.3. Saw quite a few ADVs in EC8 and at no point did I think it was OP at 11.3. Be prepared to see that jet become untouched, why would anyone on the italian tree touch it, the F-16 is superior in every respect now. There is no value to the ADV

These ASB BR changes have been suggested every single time. No fix is ever made, but that is not that unsurprising these days. ASB is abdandon at this point. Its pretty clear that no one actually pays any attention to it. The recent base HP changes designed speicifcally to nerf ASB in this current event, that literally no one ever asked for and has fundamentally ruined the gamemode is a pretty clear example of that. jets that were once played won’t be now because they can’t even do the niche things that they alone could do. Like a Tornado IDS being able to take out 2 bases, now its barely 1 and jets like the Harrier that could take out 1 base per sortie, can’t even do that anymore

But there is more:

  • Unplayable/outclassed jets forced to fight OP top tier with no hope, just never get taken
  • SPAA still the most OP thing ever added to WT, and nerfs made in May have now nearly all been undone
  • AF AA seems to have actually been nerfed though and Carrier AA outright disabled
  • Convoys still bug through the ground
  • No fix for the fact that ASB is unplayable after an hour+ due to server issues
  • Lack of any new content/mission types for the gamemode
  • AI planes are still dumb
  • Economy still bad

I could list more

Shouldnt also forget the Sea Harrier FRS1 as still yet to recieve its correct radar and cockpit, both are STILL placeholders only. Been 9 months too!


7.3, leopard 1 faced T-55AM many times without problem. Now Leopard 1 is 8.0, T-55AM-1 is 8.7, still the same issue, you just need to knowledge weakspots.


Hahahaah good find, just a matter of time till we accidentally get something inappropiate

Till then, enjoy your stay in Ballba Bllii :D

You’re absolutely right, this BR change made AB and RB worse for users that play on German Branch.
The Leopard 1 was absolutely perfect at 7.3, but no, Gaijin has made it worse.
And the Object 120 on 8.0 too? What a joke, that was perfect at 7.3 too.
Merkava on 9.7? NO.

Maybe not perfect because the T-55AM-1 was there most of the times but still it was more fair to play in 7.3 with the Leo 1, than in 8.0 constantly dying to the high pen enemies, joke update man.

Dear Gaijin Team,

I see the developement of this game and I see that there are alot things changing to a good direction.

However, every change regarding maps that you come up with to prevent people from what gamers refer to as “spawncamping” leave me with mixed feelings.

Yes, I know that spawncamping is an issue many players are angry about. But from my experience spawncamping happens, when the team loses map control. For me every war thunder match is a fight for important zones (not only A, B, C and obviously D) but more the interesting and important spots to control the map. It is a logical result of that fight that one team will try to push the other team back to a point where one of the teams has no map control anymore and is thereby “spawncamped”.

Ofcourse you can try to edit the maps, remove “unfair positions” as you call them and so on. But for every position you remove or alter there are some other positions that become important than. If you proceed to do it that way the result will be a map that has NO terrain at all, like a soccer field or a ping pong table.

Instead of making maps smaller (it is what you actually do by “removing unfair positions”) even more and make the maps less interesting this way, please consider making maps BIGGER and give the teams more spawn zones. For example on the map Fields of Volokolamsk you could easily give both teams two additional spawnzones.

Last but not least I have to say: Editing the maps like you do it to make the maps more “idiot-proof” and listen to the people that do not understand that map control is important and something you should care about BEFORE you get spawncamped, will only destroy the gameplay in favour of the less skilled players and the ones that do not really care about tactics and important spots on maps. If you proceed like this you will scare off the type of players that actually enjoys the game on a long-term basis. (Like me and my community.)

Thank you


I’m glad to see post-war vehicles being uptiered to help keep them away from lower tiers. I hope they will continue to be evaluated and increased though, this is a nice change but most of the low tier HEAT vehicles are still well within the range of late war vehicles.