• Planned changes in Battle Ratings have been implemented.
  • Locations have been updated following player feedback:
    • El-Alamein. Unfairly effective positions on mountaintops have been removed. The “forbidden zone” problem for SB missions has been fixed.
    • Aral Sea. Several visual improvements have been implemented; asymmetry of the spawn zones has been fixed.
    • Iberian Castle. A house has been removed from the field that granted an advantage to one of the teams.
    • Normandy. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Alaska Town, Ground Zero. Entrances to the mountain forest from where spawn zones could be shelled have been closed off.
    • Maginot Line. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Stalingrad. An opportunity to shell spawn zones from the edges of the play area has been removed.
    • Sun City. City blocks have been reworked, city architecture has been changed to a more modern one, several landscape segments have been improved, textures in the urban area have been fixed.
    • Eastern Europe. Landscape has been reworked: added natural cover, allowing for many opportunities to move to the points and between them while remaining protected from long range shots; forests have been reworked to look more natural, ability to shell spawn zones has been removed
    • Vietnam. A swamp has been drained and the ground has been made more easily passable on point A, contrast of the background has been increased to make it easier on the eyes, visual bugs have been fixed, minimap has been improved.
    • Seversk-13. Removed police cars that left behind invisible collision models after being destroyed, causing projectile shells to become armed… Removed police cars that left behind invisible collision models after being destroyed, causing projectile shells to become armed.
    • Jungle. Colour of trees has been corrected, the amount of small greenery has been reduced, paths out of the play area that allowed players to control the entire location without any retaliation have been closed off.
  • Rolling resistance on various ground types for tracks and wheels has been changed. Rolling friction influences gaining speed and limits maximum speed on weak ground types.
    • Rolling resistance of tracks and wheels on steppes and meadows has been significantly reduced.
    • Rolling resistance on weak ground types, such as untouched snow and sand dunes, has been increased for wheeled vehicles.
  • In Random Battles, the mechanics of determining the visibility of an enemy behind a smoke have been returned. This means that vehicles will not disappear whilst inside of smoke.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.


Good job. It’s not fair to shot from spawn zone to enemy spawn zone.


Thanks for listening to Sim community and change more necessary BR for Sim after all the feedback we gave you.

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Great. Thank you!

  • Sun City. City blocks have been reworked, city architecture has been changed to a more modern one, several landscape segments have been improved, textures in the urban area have been fixed.

Lol I don’t think it was a good idea to make the big wall boards with a lot of text AI generated

Cool buildings otherwise


Where the hell is Dupleix coming from ?

Absolute W BR and map changes.
Good job guys!

M60A3 TTS (China) and M60A3 TTS (US) now have the same BR of 9.0, the problem being that the chinese one doesn’t get ERA or the better top ammunition and has much worse stock grind because of worse starting ammunition.

Please add the aforementioned features or revert its BR to 8.7, it already was a sidegrade to the M60A1 RISE (P), currently this balance change makes no sense.


Feel free to post your suggestion on next Planned BR changes topic. Cheers!

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It’d be great to include images of the changes in the notes for maps, to highlight the most notable differences as before and after, as most other games will do this with regularity


Good, now we need a revamp on air rb I was playing only ground Rb and when I come back I realized how bad the mode is, for instance the map design are made in a way anything but fighters are useless, we need larger maps with more objectives spread on the map so ground attackers and bombers can have some room to play. We just need EC as standard and make some adjustments to make the mode more enjoyable.

We also need to decompress the br, 8.7 is in a weird spot as the vehicles don’t have flares, strong missiles and not even cannons (Sea Vixen) but they have been constantly up tiered to 9.3-9.7 where they need to face things like Mig21, Harries, Su25 etc.

Same for early jets, props etc.


Looking forward to testing some of these things out.
Well played!

Cool, so this completely destroyed Cold War lineups and now Cold War tanks will fight against 9.0 that have APFSDS…


Su-25 is 10.0 facing 11.0 👍

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It could be nice seeing thos BR changes but not too smart that all of my former 8.7 Vehicles have to fight 10.0 vehicles now, cause you didnt change many of them. (Looking at you Russian TURMS-T and 2S38).
It was a decompression for the lower BR around 6.7 but compressed the “higher” especially around the now 9.0-10.0 even more.
So please make a quick change to those BRs too. Otherwise you didn`t do much at all.

Not being able to edit somehow.

Like somebody on one of the other posts about the changes said: you didn`t solve the Problem, you just moved it.

Why not expanding the whole BR to 12.0 or even higher. Go up to 15.0. That would be a decompression.
And i’m only talking about Ground BR. Some of the decisions in Air RB - we don`t even need to talk about them!


Nothing about A1-2 on Mozdok also makes it possible to shoot into the spawn.

European Province changes I feel are positive but we will see. Sometimes fixing one spot can create more issues like now i feel A point is way more vulnerable now that its way lower and open on the side of west team south spawn. Overall i like the more bumpy terrain it now has.
Not sure about the other changes on other mapsit would be nice if you specified which square grids were affected.
I didnt notice any change on Normandy maps they still seem to allow very fast spawn sniping from the churches in C cap and E3 into west team spawns and from the hill into the east team spawn on the Fields version. I really cant tell what was changed. Totally unused area in the southern part of the map is off limits but i think that was added before. In any case that area being blocked doesnt change anything if it was added this update.
Seversk non penetrations finally fixed sounds pretty amazing if that was the final cause of random non pens on the map.
Jungle change removed a ton of sniping spots i hope u also fix the small amount of tickets team have there and limit the br of this map more.

Couldn’t the changes wait until either end of current Squadron Battles Season or at least until next week, so squadron battles would be left unaffected in current season?
This way we wake up to whole lot of broken lineups which we had prepared for this week’s BR7.0 Squadron Battles and need to rething them from scratch.

In general I appreciate the changes, but at the same time, this should go together with raising max BR on ground battles to 12.0+ and making sure that certain BRs don’t get compressed. I was so surprised when I rolled out my chinese M60A3 TTS today and faced PUMA (which was max uptier beforehand) followed by 2S38 and T-72A TURMS, which, with stock round, are pretty much immune to my cannon’s fire. Come on…

I don’t quite understand some of the BR changes in the Italian tech tree. Especially the BR changes for the AUBL, Fiat 6614, and the plane Re.2005 serie 0. It’s just weird to me considering that I personally have a lot more struggles now than before because with the constants uptier before I was glad I didn’t have to constantly face a lot of the more annoying vehicles (especially from the American and Soviet tech trees). But now with almost every game being an uptier I have to face all of those vehicles. How is the AUBL, with a HEAT-FS shell that has only 250mm pen and is totally unreliable and only 8mm of aluminum armor supposed to compete with something like the BTR-80 (which I have now faced way more frequently than before) or the tons of .50 cals all of the American vehicles have. Same problem with the Fiat, just that its shell is better but the reload speed is a pain. Both also have the problem that their gun handling is just painful with both of them having unstabilized and very wonky guns that sway with every little pebble in the road and are impossible to shoot when moving even just a little. The fighter plane Re.2005 serie 0 also got, in my opinion, an unfair Br change from 5.7 to 6.0. The plane was already underperforming in the 5.7 br and now it’s just worse. Its only good features are its guns and that it can carry a 500kg bomb. Compared to other planes at 5.7 and 6.0 it is honestly just bad. The turn rate is subpar, the speed is bad and mobility as a whole is… lacking. With the change, the bomb is also only usable in the new 6.7 ground lineup where, again with all the uptiers that lineup faces, it has to fight against fighter jets, waaaaaaay better spaa’s and possibly even tanks with autocannons. There just isn’t a reason to use it at all since in Air RB it just dies instantly and in Ground RB, again, it just dies instantly.
These are just the problems I have noticed so far and it is completely based off of my own experience and the games I played so far. I just want to know why these Br’s changed even though I thought their old Br was already perfect for them.

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