Upcoming RP reductions appear to be smoke and mirrors

the total research sum for TT vehicles was 182M RP during Sky Guardians update (La Royale isn’t included there). The current small decrease won’t really make any dent in that, it is just making some preparations for further massive bloat in the future … and when factoring in the added ranks + rank difference research penalties + creative reshuffling of vehicles in ranks + vehicle number requirements for unlocking ranks (that in combination with TT branches means you have to research and buy everything anyway) then the WT grind is yet again getting worse, just with a little different coat of paint over it

1.87 is already 2019 as well, so a 1000 vehicles since then and a 100 million RP added to the grind with really zero improvement to the grind, not to mention since 2014 or so.

6 kills with premium in 2015 got you 8k RP.
6 kills with premium in 2023 got you 8k RP, objectively even less because it was a longer game and you’d get less if it was a 13min game.

But if it scaled with the increase in requirements we should be getting 80k RP.