Upcoming RP reductions appear to be smoke and mirrors

Every single vehicle in rank VII is 340k or more, so it doesn’t go below that, it only gets higher.

There’s still going to be a drastic reduction in total RP.

Based on what?

Things moving to rank 8 doesn’t mean RP is going to be less either.

As it stands, there is almost no reduction in RP, and what what is there, is a joke.

RP requirements for top vehicles don’t change.
It’ll always be 400,000 for the top vehicle.
And RP reduction of half for all foldered vehicles is substantial.
That’s no where near “almost no reduction”.

I have run the numbers, it clearly shows there is almost no reduction, regardless of your endlessly contrarian opinions.

2A5 and 2A6 being moved up in rank doesn’t reduce the grind either, it just increase the requirement as you’ll need to unlock rank 8.

Leopard 2A6 being 200,000 RP to get instead of 400,000 is quite the change.

No one has been “contrarian” to you.
Stating facts isn’t contrarian, teachers telling you you’re wrong isn’t contrarian.
Stop using it as a buzzword when you sound like you’re upset that I’m attempting to help you understand the situation without anything in return.

Yeah, I’ve seen your attempts to help.
And sure, the 2A6 being 200k RP is quite the change, yet on an 8 million RP grind it’s hardly substantial.

They decided to not make helicopters viable, not reduce the RP requirements or improve the situation in any way, shape or form, instead they shifted the burden to ground forces and the next time someone complains they’ll tell you how you can already grind it using ground forces.



wow top tier Britain sure saved a lot nice meme

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For China it appears to go from 7.1 million RP to 6.5 million RP… so that’s an 8% RP reduction… I don’t know if anyone is actually happy with that, is this really what we’ve been waiting for?

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Gaijin seems to think so for whatever absurd reason. But hey, folders. So you can race to top tier faster and die faster and lose more SL faster.

Depends even, for China it’s going to take even longer because they split the top tier into different lines, so you have to grind more RP to get both vehicles, because we needed more one death leavers.

Unless you want the new MBT2000 and the WZ1001, (which you do as they are important in lineups), this does technically reduce the amount of RP needed to reach the end of the tree.

However, it often makes individual steps in the process worse with the new folders.

For example, the ZTZ88B and ZTZ88A are two nearly identical vehicles that were once one after the other, costing 180,000 RP each for a total of 360,000 RP.

Now the 88A is foldered, and only costs 135,000 RP. However, the 88B costs 220,000 RP, 40,000 more than before, making the time between new vehicles slower. and the overall cost of getting both of them is 355,000 RP, only a miniscule 5,000 RP decrease.

Yes, the overall cost of going down the line has decreased by 140,000 in this case, but the speed of new and interesting unlocks has been slowed by quite a bit. And of course, you actually need to research the leftmost branch, which adds a whole boatload more research needed for only 2 useful vehicles.

My hope is that they remove the increased cost added to a vehicle for it being the start of a folder entirely.

All this does is disincentive taking advantage of the cheaper in-folder costs, as you have the next start of folder cost spike looming over your head.

(PS: they also need to make the M41D, M60A3 TTS, and CM11 not completely garbage too)

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Where are you getting the RP values from?

Dev Server, which is probably not completely finalized and should be taken with a grain of salt.
Should have mentioned that.

Sounds like the RP reduction is even worse than I estimated then, I used mostly the same values and only increased them when they increased in rank.

Yeah, the new vehicles, movements in the tree, and need to research the “dead end” branches for china mostly offsets any real improvements.

Went from 7.1 million RP to 6.8 million with the new MBT, so that’s a 4% RP decrease at the end of the day, or 6.5 million without it.

well, look at blue fleet TT, to get to Scharnhorst you now need to research 4 more cruisers + 3 more battleships. And of course new rank to squeeze in more rank difference penalty roadblocks to force players to use higher rank ships with very expensive repairs & awfull module grind … or buy new 70$ premium ship. All in all, really nasty grind increase.

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Noo you don’t understand, this actually helps you!!

The addition of rank VI means that rank V can be decompressed — which will help you speed up the research towards rank VI!


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The problem too is they keep adding more junk in.

The new super etinard is 10.0 with no flares and only magic 1s and is very slow and not maneuverable. France also got a new MBT with nothing over the other ones. They can keep decreasing the costs of low tier but if you make it to top tier all the savings in low tier are lost because there is just more garbage being added.

They are barely decreasing anything at all, there’s some things in folders but they also move things in rank which adds 100k RP+.
They mainly just change things at the lower BRs to make it appear there’s improvement but a vehicle costing 40k RP or 20k RP is entirely insignificant if at the top end up you move something up in rank and add another 140k RP.