Upcoming patch Thoughts and discussion

well,sorry my list indeed doesn’t confirm that they’re coming i should have mentioned that. but again i really don’t know if the MSIP was this good or not.If it IS then i totally agree with you that the F16C should get aim120s in that case,but idk about other nations, possibly japan can get F2? i don’t know if F2 was more modern either but that is just a suggestion.

I think an F2 is quite likely for Japan. I think it would perform about the same as an F-16, but might need a placeholder radar as it has AESA. Though I dont think we are far off form those anyway. And they have to be added somewhere and there is no low performance aircraft that could be suitable to come on first. (I Think)

Though I think Sea Harrier FA2s Blue Vixen radar would come close to performance as well.

I guess for F-15C maybe F-15C from 2001 ~ 2002 with AN/APG-63(V)1 radar, IR SRAAM AIM-9M-9 and MRAAM SARH AIM-7MH & ARH AIM-120B/AIM-120C-3 AMRAAM but before armed AIM-9X Block I sidewinder, BVRAAM AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM and equipped Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)

New fighter aircraft for china tech tree maybe early domestic chinese multirole fighter or lead-in fighter trainer (LIFT)/light combat aircraft but before Shenyang J-11A

Gaijin could add HuAF JAS39C Gripen after this quarter but ITA AV-8B Plus & F-16A Block 15 ADF received AIM-120B in first major update or second major update

I’m not sure another fighter for USSR/RU tech tree maybe Su-33 Flanker-D or Su-30M Flanker-H from 90’s or Su-27SM

You haven’t used AMRAAMs yet so you don’t have the perspectives others do yet.

AARHs aren’t the same as Skyflash, they’re to Skyflash what AIM-9M is to AIM-9E, both capable missiles, but one is significantly better than the other.

If AESA is as good as I fear, then IDK.
All I know is F-15C would be the single best BVR platform in the game.
The factors for this include its altitude potential [its ability to gain altitude at any time and do it faster than everyone else], its countermeasures and radar defeating potential, and lastly its speed.
F-15A is already the fastest aircraft in the game, the F-15C MSIP adds 4000kgf more total thrust at mach one over F-15A.

We hope that is going to be the upgrade. but honestly we have no idea what they are going to be like. They could be barely an upgrade over the current top tier SARH or they could be totally OP. I reckon they’ll probably even pendulum between the 2 extremes for the first 6-12 months.

We simple dont know, and as you havent used AMRAAM yet either, you dont have a perspective others do yet.

we just don’t know. Which Is why im operating on a

“If AMRAAM are actually good then Sea Harrier FA2 and Tornado F3 AoP will be good. If they are god-aweful and completely useless, then both will be DOA and Id rather take the Tornado Gr4 instead” mind set currently.

We just dont know

No, we do know… well those of us that have played DCS, or those that have had DCS maneuvers explained to them.

DCS is not made by Gaijin. We have absolutely no idea what Gaijins implementation will be. Nor is DCS anything like War Thunder. Does everyone fly at 50ft in DCS?

Gaijin will implement AARHs as accurately as they can making code from nearly scratch.
Will it be as good as DCS’s current implementation? Probably not.
Will it be as good as 2017 DCS? Probably.

And yes, there’s a lot of terrain following in DCS, that is the meta in DCS, and that’s where I got my idea to do it in WT as well.

Or they won’t you don’t know your not an all seeing god