Upcoming patch Thoughts and discussion

Hello,share your thoughts and opinions about the Upcoming patch and the vehicles that its bringing.

Personally here’s a list i made about the new aircrafts that are coming next patch (probably in march)
EDIT 1: the american F15C is the F15C MSIP and not the base F15C i didn’t put that in the picture be cause i forgot
Screenshot 2024-02-12 024854

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I dearly hope that the no new aircraft for Britain and France is wrong.

Yeah no, we’re not getting F-15C MSIP next major, that’s for sure.

France has Mirage 2000 5F.
And Britain can get Tornado with AMRAAMs still.
But yeah, the F-15s aren’t coming.

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why do you think that no F15Cs are coming next update, what US and japan will get to carry the aim120?

F-16C for USA.
Dunno about Japan. Thailand could be ready in which case F-16A MLU for their AARH carrier.

gaijin isn’t really famous for dropping new tech for older aircrafts even if they can carry it yk.

Britain its probably the Sea Harrier FA2, but could also be a Tornado F3 upgrade.

But yeah, fully expecting F-15C

was thinking a harrier too,a tornado getting an aim120…isn’t really gonna be fun for a tornado fighting top tier fighters lol.

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Yes Gaijin is famous for implementing new systems into existing aircraft.
Flares & chaff came to F-4E and Mig-21Bis while they existed already.

There’s zero reason to expect F-15C when they already denied every F-15C MSIP derivative.
We’re not getting a 13.3 vehicle yet.

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Can’t wait for the AMRAAM and RB-99, specifically for the JA37D. Gripen C is a “useless” addition, it should have been the first added, or never for Sweden, as it’s basically the exact same as the A minus some scattered upgrades, only “addition” for the Sweden air TT will the the Gripen E, which won’t be coming for … quiet some time

Really just want to see the F/A-18, which isn’t coming this year aparently.

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It depends. IRL that same upgrade also added ASRAAM, though that obviously isnt happening. But if the AMRAAMs are actually good, then the Tornado F3 might finally be able to operate as a BVR truck. Though id expect a second to be added so that the current F3 can stay put. Would also be a notch lower than most AMRAAM Carriers. Like 12.7

Could also get a later AMRAAM like Aim-120C5s

i don’t think rb-99 will come to the viggens,at least if it would i hope for them to drop another variant with it introducing the rb-99.

We’ll probably see some premium main battle tanks for some nations

can you get me a picture of the message denying F15C MSIP and the one who claimed it?, be cause there’s no reason to not expect F15Cs even if F16Cs exist

Yeah, With how much they have complained about the F-15A, I’d be surprised if they didnt get the F-15C next patch


F-15Cs would just be variety cause they wouldn’t have AMRAAMs, and Gaijin tends not to add variety.

That’s not how Gaijin operates.
They’ve never done that before and there’s no reason to expect a behavior change.

who told you F15Cs don’t have aim120s? i am talking about the ones who got the radar upgrade btw

we already have an F15C in the game which is called the F15J but it doesn’t have aim120 be cause it didn’t get a radar upgrade

What are you talking about?
They wouldn’t in WT if they were added next update cause BR 13.3 - 13.7 doesn’t exist yet for them to have AMRAAMs.
There’s also no sign of Typhoon, Rafale, etc for F-15C MSIP with AMRAAMs to face.
So yeah, not happening.

F-15Cs aren’t coming; and if they came they wouldn’t get AMRAAMs in WT cause the BRs don’t exist for them.

there’s no need for rafale and typhoon to exist for the F15 to get aim120s lol,also they can just add it and raise Battle ratings bro who told you they wouldn’t?