Upcoming patch Thoughts and discussion

Dude, you have F-16C, you don’t need OP jets without equivalents to face.

other nations will get counters to the F15C bro,starting with russia. Also i see an F16C with aim120 way better then F15C but just saying its not gonna happen

No, they won’t.
Every F-15C MSIP equivalent was denied. There’s no reason to expect it, and I easily call it not coming cause it’s extremely obvious that without equivalents it’s not coming.

And no, 6 AMRAAMs on a worse BVR airframe is inferior to 8 AMRAAMs on a 1.6:1 TWR airframe.

I mean, only one variant carries it, so it wouldn’t really matter, it’s already over tiered to oblivion for the most part, good thing being speed and maneuverability, being able to get behind enemies. Then hit them from behind the the AMRAAM’s

Uh,Yes they will??? literally the JAS39C for sweden is coming next patch and they literally confirmed it .also you still didn’t get me pictures of who denied the F15C or the counters for it?

The JAS39C equivalent is F-16C.
F-15C MSIP is superior to both, by far.

with the amount of own designs china has and you all choose copy paste… why not J-10 instead?

Cause J-10 would be 11.7 - 12.0 without AARHs.
So J-10’s best bet is to wait for AARHs to be implemented into War Thunder, OR China to have a matured air tree to allow more 11.7 - 12.0 variety.
China has few copy paste at jets anyway so your comment is further meaningless.


i said counter and not equivalent, get me an pictuer of who claimed that the F15C and its counters are denied.

this is a personal list, i am not an expert in the world of planes if there was something chinese that can carry aim120 and good enough to match up with the Upcoming patch vehicles then it’s more suitable then J11A

Never said F-15C MSIP itself was denied.
It’s just that its equivalents, AKA counters, are denied, not coming.

There was also no 11.7+ (in fact both were technically still on 11.3s) for Sweden or Britain when they added 12.3s for US, USSR and Israel. They dont need equals, infact, 9/10 times, they favour the US and USSR being a notably ahead of other nations. The last 2 years have proven that

who claimed that?,get me a picture of the person who claimed that

Except you forget that 4 years ago Gaijin changed their behavior slightly to push parity in releases.
Yes, Britain lacked equivalents, but they won’t anymore.

We dont actually know that.

I put it at a 50/50 chance SAAF Gripen C will get AMRAAM. I could very much see it remaining as a Gripen A eqivalent, at its current BR with its current loadout.

That would leave IR only Gripen C and early AMRAAM carriers like the Sea Harrier FA2 and Tornado F3 holding their own against who knows what. Anything from F-16, F-15s, or F-18s with AMRAAM or Su-27s with R-77. Even if they are more on the conservative side with what they add. It wont take much to outclass Britains aircraft in most modes. And that is entirely assuming ARH are actually any good. Could just be slightly better SARH for all we know, but come with an inherrently higher BR where IR missiles are still the meta.

We just dont know. But I can almost gurantee that Typhoon will be at least 1 to 2 updates after equivalents arrive for US and USSR. Just like it did with the Gripen, and just like it has for the past 2+ years.

We didnt get our counter to the Mig-23MLD till 15 months later.

@AlvisWisla i meant the F15C MSIP since the post started that got the radar Update that allowed it to carry the aim120 so i am sorry if there was any miss understanding from my or your part

@AlvisWisla, let me sum what i wanted to say during our argument,

The F15C MSIP is coming and it’s counters or equivalent are coming and they’re listed in the the picture and all of them can carry AMRAAMS. they may not be as capabale as the F15C MSIP,but that doesn’t really matter and it’s not as important as you think and we still don’t know that be cause stuff changes when added to Warthunder.

Again if you have a claim about all counters F15C MSIP getting denied tell me unless you mean the F15C MSIP counters are the Rafale and Typhoon,but personally i don’t know if the F15C MSIP was THIS good for it to need such counter

Here’s the thing, Tornado as a BVR platform is really good.
BVR platforms need speed and altitude potential.

Now, I’d need to do testing to give it a position, but it’s going to be better than at least J-8F.
Having played BVR almost exclusively in DCS, I’ve learned many things that allow me to have these perspectives.

You can’t go back to FG1 days, Gaijin doesn’t develop that way anymore and hasn’t in over 4 years.

Your wishlist =/= them coming.
So no, they’re not coming next major update.
Late 2024 at the earliest, and yes F-15C MSIP is that good. There’s a reason it’s still produced and in use today as the primary air superiority fighter of many nations.

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Its a good BVR platform, so long as the target isnt flying at sub-300ft and the Skyflash decide they want to work. If ARH are the same, and just as affected by mutlipathing, then BVR doesnt work. So it would be Id guess 4x Aim-9M trying to dogfight F-16s and F-15s and Mig-29s. I spent enough time in 2023 forced to do that in SB to know that it doesnt work.

(and it is slower than most 12+ aircraft currently)

So it depends on ARH performance. Because if they are just as useless as SARH, then Tornado F3 FSP/AoP will just be DOA.