Up the SL for spaa killing planes

Seriously Gaijin, up the rewards for an air kill by SPAA. A tank kill gets me x7 the amount (150SL!!). Any wonder SPAA players don’t shoot at planes?


The ammo expended on the plane is likely to be more than the reward (4 belts x 50 SL, approx).

At least make it worthwhile to shoot down planes (and not make a loss while killing them). CAS already coins it as it is.



Agreed and all SPAA should have spotting, including spot markers when calling out air targets. SPAA naturally becomes the tank people respawn with when their SP reserves are at the lowest, so widening their role to be better support vehicles by getting them out of spawn, and proactively gathering information for the team while attacking the enemy’s highest SP vehicles makes sense if you want longer battles with more active players.


I think you’re doing it wrong to be honest…

I just got 2500 for a simple one shot on a plane…

I need an idea how SPAA can PREVENT planes to bomb the team. I played now more then 1000 rounds in a SPAA and in 80% of the time you are not able to stop the plane on its initial dive. Most times I get those planes on the 2nd round when they wasted their energy and start to turn.
When I stay too close to my mates I’m fastfood for the enemy tanks … but when I stay too far behind I can’t help.
If you start shooting too early you give away your position. Relocation … meeeh … works sometimes but most pilots know the spots where you can hide.
Playing SPAA isn’t easy. It needs a lot of practise. I like it … and I’m always learning something new. I also don’t need the money. I got 26.000.000 SL. But we need really more players that choose the SPAA as their 2nd tank not their last …
So yes! Please increase the reward. Maybe by a multiplicator which will be added after the battle.

First kill 1x, 2nd kill 2x, 4th kill 4x, 6th kill 6x and 8th kill 8x.
If you really manage to kill 8 planes you get 8x 1.200 SL. And I think this is fair.

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I really do think the OP is doing it wrong, and the thread now going to suggestions isn’t a thing that should actually even happen…

And that is a user decision issue.

Like seriously Crabpot, what was the SPAA you even used to get this low a reward, every SPAA is like 200% SL…

Was a wirbelwind. I suspect the plane was a reserve*, after going back through previous game rewards (yes, I did get higher rewards next two games - those were a yak and something else). But even so… SL150 when you are the easy meat because you actually advertise to planes where you are.


*I don’t blame the guy for bringing a reserve plane if that’s what it was, but it just seems the rewards are a bit screwy. Fair play to whoever it was, you did get the spitfire (was our only plane at the time).

EDIT: it was a P-26A, so a reserve. Hence the low payout.

The reserves and even the biplanes in particular are something to prioritize even because they are such a threat…

Because they go so slow they can really pick thier targets and take out your crew very quickly.

true, they can. And some of the biplanes are extraordinarily resistant to 20mm shells.

However, most of the time I prioritize not getting whacked if at all possible, and just hitting whatever damn plane is hittable.

None of which takes away from the poor rewards SPAA get.


Shells will commonly go straight through hitting nothing.

The reward issue that you’re pointing to isn’t widespread for the SPAA, and isn’t a real issue as much as what people will make out that it is… After all, the explanation we have come to is indicative of that.

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This is something I can advocate for and agree to since its reasonable. It would also make people spawn SPAA’s more commonly.

They really need to improve rewards for playing SPAA. There is way to much CAS to ground vehicles in most matches and nobody bothers to run SPAA because the rewards are trash and you just get killed by CAS half the time anyways. Especially low tier open top SPAA, just get one shot sniped by a yak or something XD

The thing I find most prevalent, is as soon as you spawn an SPAA, the second someone dies to the air threat, you end up being labeled as a failure, even if you’ve JUST spawned it.

And when people don’t think you’re looking around enough, people hit you with MGs attempting to wake you up, but what they’re doing is distracting you because if that was an enemy hitting you, you need to move, find out where they are and head to cover from them.

It’s a really hard role, that MANY choose not to use because it’s seemingly beneath them, but it’s a needed role to save your team.

In the same time reduce hugely the rewards for killing tanks for SPAAs.

Err, why? Surely you want people to spawn SPAA? They are already pretty much free kills to tanks (certainly at the levels I play).

I’m interested to hear your reasons.