Unplayable FPS drops

to me it happened like twice today so i think its stll around

my specs:

RTX 2060

AMD ryzen 2700X

16gb ram

game installed on HDD

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I have got the same problem. 400+ fps on high graphic settings and randomly having 50 fps for couple of seconds during the match. AND I also experience ultra annoying keyboard input lag. Like I press β€˜A’ and tank rotates left then I don’t push β€˜A’ anymore but tank keeps steering left for a while. Same for forward, backward and rotate right, zoom, binoculars. If anyone else experience two annoying bugs at the same time?

First I thought it is because my keyboard is more than 5 years old at this point but it works perfectly in other games or while typing stuff and when tried another keyboard still the same issue.

I am working msi afterburner to keep an eye on temps and loads but everything seems normal during fps drop moments or keyboard lag moments.

My specs:
i9 13900k
64gb RAM 6000mhz
360mm liquid cooling
1200W psu

Jo I had the same issue and managed to fix it!
I thought that maby my drive was to slow because i had it installed on my HDD because i told myself i wouldnt need the faster loading times>
But after having had these issues and tryied litterally everything
i moved the install directory in steam via the game settings by steam. YK the little gear icon and in there change the directory ? move the files to a SSD

Did the trick for me and sure is worth trying out
Hope that fixes it

After moving it to my SSD all stutter was gone
well i played all afternoon and it didnt come once so yeah