Unjust penalty for a false team kill

I was flying a B17 and forming up with another B17 when the other player kept firing at me, I checked it was not any of my gunners glitching & continued marking ground targets. Around 4mins later I was hit with a team kill penalty. I was over 8km from the other player. Quit penalizing the wrong player

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Can you share a replay?

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If you hit him at all, you are likely to get socked with a TK no matter when/how he dies. Never shoot back, that just rewards their stupidity with a null penalty (yours - theirs = 0).

Your claim is nonsense:

Everybody can watch your replay.

The other B-17 fired in your direction - without hitting you. You fired at him a 1:16 and the battlelog confirmed that you damaged him at 1:17. You damaged his right horizontal stabilizer.

He bombed a base, his base was stolen and he jumped out (i assume frustration) without being hit by another aircraft.

So you deserved the team kill fee.

Imho: Quit posting false claims…