Unfair matchmaking in Air RB

Why is this still a thing?
One team consisting of 11.0 - 11.7 jets, and other one 11.0 - 12.0

What exactly are you going on about? Except for like 3-4 planes, it just looks like the average game for that BR bracket
Be happy you didnt have a bunch of F15s downtier, since gaijin left that plane at 12.3

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Which is 1/4 of an entire team.
Br spread in a match is supposted to be one whole br except here one team has 0.7 br spread and other team has 1 whole br spread, Im not talking just about this match, it happened countless times before, which means one team can indeed have 4 F-15’s at 12.3, and other team won’t have nothing higher than 12.0.

Unfair matchmaking in top tier Air RB


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You got the Mirage 2000s, an under-BR’d aircraft.

Still doesn’t mean the match was balanced. 12.0 aircraft, on average, are better than 11.7 aircraft. If a match can exist where one team gets these objectively superior (on average) aircraft, while the other does not, the game will not be balanced.