Unfair imbalance for me 262 A 1-a in the current BR

There is an unfair imbalance for the me 262 A 1-a in the current BR, it cannot compete well against the other nations that have more modern and better jets and only doing 1 or maximum 2 kills with it is already an achievement in the current BR, yes you know how to handle the plane well obviously taking advantage of its energy but that makes it very frustrating for new and veteran players, it is the first WW2 jet it should be in BR 6.3 or 6.7 as the AR 234 or the me 262 A-1/U4 already is and that it has a more comfortable balance

image (1)

No, its fine at 7.0, 6.7 it’d be a menace at 6.7 and absolutely bonkers broken at 6.3. its already extremely hard to catch when its top tier, at 6.3 we’re talking about stuff like A6M5s seeing it in a max uptier and they can’t even catch most other planes at their own BR.

If other jets are a problem, it’d be better to move them up, rather than lowering the 262.

But there are other jets that perform similarly to the 262 as high as 8.0 which need far, far more urgent attention. cough R2Y2s cough.