Unfair advantage in Air Realistic battles in top tier

Below is a screenshot of my last match played where my team consisted of 11.3 - 12.0 br aircraft, while enemy team had 11.3 - 12.3 aircraft in their team. I’m trying to think that this is just a mistake in a code but can just also be intentional.

and this is server replay to show that this isnt edited or set up.

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Welcome to pure random match making.

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I have matches in naval where my team does not have a single top tier 7.0 ship but the enemy team has like 4

In my experience, Gaijin is more interested in queue times than fair game play. We can’t have console players waiting more than 10 seconds for a matchup or they might not play.

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It’s worse in Naval where one team is 5 or 6 Battleships and the other is 2 or 3 heavy cruisers. The matchmaker has NEVER been able to do balanced matchmaking

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To be fair, Naval has been more or less thrown to the winds in terms of balance at this point…

Des Moines, Scharnhorst, premium BBs, a broken Battlecruiser that never even saw the open sea…