Unfai̇r si̇mulati̇on battle

First of all, I wish everyone a good game. The game is one of the most playable games among its counterparts. But I discovered a problem. Some parameters of the system in the game are quite unfair.

For example, the P51 D30 aircraft, which entered service late, has the same ratio as the BF109 G10. but k4 and d9 have higher br. The unit called Corsair F4U 4, which served in the Korean War, can be synchronized with the BR si G10. The monster called P51 C10 of late 1943 or early 1944 has a 4.0 BR and can fight in the same environment as the BF109 F4 series, which entered service in 1941. I don’t want to extend the transition path to the p47 series.

The performance of the mentioned aircraft is known to those who play a considerable part in simulation combat. So isn’t there any injustice here? Why do we have to fight against clearly superior aircraft?

I remember the first days of the game when tanks were added. There, the T34 85 1944 model was placed opposite the Panzer 4. Even though there is a Panther series in the game. After voicing this in the forum, this error was corrected. Currently there is ARL 44 against Tiger. not to mention the freak ebr that entered service in the post-war period.

In short, I request that these injustices in the game be addressed. I request that these errors be corrected for the sake of a playable game for everyone. I want a more equitable regulation.


Year of introduction has nothing to do with BR or Rank.It is determined on basis of the vehicle’s performance.
But Stimulator mode really needs a rework.BR ranges in that mode are really unfair for most vehicles

the performance of most of the vehicles I mentioned in the article is much higher than vehicles with similar br. I have entered the forum directly and opened the topic. but then I realized that it wasn’t just me who was suffering from the problems I was talking about.

Gaijin needs to fix their BR range for sim otherwise there is no other way to fix it.

they don’t seem to care much.

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Yup.This issue makes air sb really frustrating. You can face people who have BVR missiles in flareless jets that barely has good missiles.

Bare in mind though, the Sea Vixen ONLY has 4x IR missiles that are currently broken to the point of being nearly unusable and almost everything at its BR can easily out turn it. Making it very hard to even get close to a rear aspect shot in which it might hit. Maybe when it gets All-aspect Red Tops, with the correct range and guidances fixes it could move up. But there is a very good reason its at the BR its at.


Then you clearly have never actually played the Sea Vixen.

Missile should have a range of 3km, can barely hit something at 1.5km

Missile should be all-aspect, but have a tough locking on in rear aspect most of the time

I’ve seen Red tops straight up miss a target flying straight and level before, not too mention if you try to even slightly evade it.

Its also only has 4 shots. 4. No guns at all, bare that in mind. So in a head on, its defenceless, in a turn fight, its useless. The only thing its good at, is intercepting bombers and ambushing people its found on radar. But if they are watching out for it (and its hard to miss as one of the largest and most distinct profile for any fighter in game), then they’ll easily evade and escape. Its barely faster than most things at that BR and that speed is its only real advantage. At 9.0 it would be DOA. totally unplayable. As everything is a lot faster, more nimble, better armed, etc.

They are just fat Aim-9Bs at the moment. Like those found on a lot of jets at the same BR, usually those are 8.7, and thats as high as it “could” go, but with no guns, its at a distinct disadvantage, which is why its lower.

BRs are not based upon year. They are based upon performance and its at the right BR for its performance. Vs jets like the G91, Mig-15s, F-86s. If one gets behind the Sea-Vixen. its dead. its almost impossible to shake one of your tail and you almost certainly will never get a rear aspect shot.


The P-51’s need FM reworks (as do the 109’s) which is why they seem like easy mode most of the time. That said I disagree with your comments regarding the 109F-4 and P-51C-10. The F-4 is actually a 1943 aircraft with the engine settings it’s using and having to fight a later 1943 aircraft isn’t a problem in my opinion. He’s faster than you but you turn far better than him and outclimb him.

…What isn’t fair is German boosted 1944 109G-6’s and even 1943 G-2’s bullying 1939 British Whirlwinds but that’s another story.

To be honest Germany gets it easy up to EC4/5.0br+. That said the F4U4 definitely needs a b.r increase.

unfortunately, there are no planes dating back to 1943 in front of the f4. there are usually airplanes produced in 1944. I no longer play at br levels where I feed the enemy, whose performance is better than me at every level. I choose bf 109 g10 and do not feed the Korean war veteran corsairs opposite, p51 d30s that entered service in mid-1945.

translate :)

  1. The game is not a 1 for 1 reenactment of World War II.

  2. The Bf.109 F-4 is not clearly inferior to the P-51 C-10; it climbs better and it turns better.

  3. Generally speaking German airplanes are modeled based on their best possible versions as far as engine performance is concerned; stuff like the Bf.109 G-6 is modeled as a late version of the G-6, and the Bf.109 K-4 is modeled with 1.98 ATA manifold pressure instead of the more common 1.80, ATA manifold pressure.

  4. In real life the only difference between the P-51 D-30 and WWII P-51s is the avionics.

  5. In fact Germany and Axis have things pretty easy all the way up to 5.7BR when the F4U-4B comes out to play. At pretty much every BR axis has planes that are just as under tiered as Allied planes.

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you forgot the german sea hawk ;D (2x AIM-9Bs)


then Gaijin must not call the simulator mode “simulator”.

I agree with you 100%.
I would also prefer an IL-2 version as a War Thunder sim mode with the War Thunder engine and with more authenticity.

but you have to remember that Gaijin only wants to make money with their RB mode. so the sim mode suffers a lot.

there are simply too many nations, planes and tanks thrown into the wt tech trees crosswise. no authentic simulation can work like this.

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The game has never had pure historical match-ups or match ups in realistic numbers or realistic situations.

If the game was a simulator then US planes would start at 7000m and be escorting B-17s.

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it’s so obvious that you’re not playing in simulation mode. for one thing, the p51in completely covers the climbing problem with its speed and even adds to it. As for the topic of rotation, which p51 users are usually at a high speed, they can also close this gap, which is mentioned in the information section about the p51, of course, we pluck the head of hair in the face of this situation. I agree with you about the modeling of the bf109s, which can be much nicer with the addition of new aircraft to the tree in the early to late period. With one or two minor changes in the last sim, this problem can be solved significantly. it’s not hard. Some friends say play il2 stalingrad, but that game is not really a game that can be played. I can’t focus on the game from pressing the Zoom key. this game is preferred because it is at a more playable level.

sim brs are simply forgotten i wouldn’t say any side has advantage. Italian and Chinese P-47 D30 sit at 3.7 while american D28 at 4.3 probably for no reason other than lack of effort put into the mode by gaijin. they are touched very rarely and legacly brs are everywhere even worse than arcade brs and the list of examples goes on.

Why is this always the go-to for self-identified simulator battles players? Did you even check my profile? I have more time spent playing simulator battles than you do. And I play more than just Germany.

So what? Should the P-51 be up-tiered until it has to fight only German planes that not only climb better than it, turn better than it, but are also faster than it? The P-51 D5 is obviously a late war fighter so it should only have to face Bf.109 K-4? P-51 D-30 is Korean War Mustang so it should only fight against MiG-15?

Should late war Bf.109s be modeled so that they don’t have enough fuel to fly, and that max pilot skill is capped in order to model late war attrition of Luftwaffe pilots?

:) i was playing this game 10 years ago too. i also know about the terrible periods when the red yak 3p was placed in front of the bf109g2. Look how well you summed it up yourself. there is clearly injustice in the game. There is a general character of each country’s aircraft. They compromise on certain features and perform at a high level in certain areas. Only these p51d30 and corsair monsters are superior in every field! moreover, they are products of the Korean war. I really admire your ability to deflect the topic by getting into a fuel conversation. Yes, we are flying without fuel. Once again, I thank you for confirming the injustices in the game and defending this situation in a biased way. i will not respond to you because it will get into a polemic beyond that (which may be your purpose, let the subject be dispersed and closed).i will not respond to you.

there were historical events in WT in the past. the potential was great. Battle of Britain 1940, Battle of Moscow 41, …Battle of Kursk 43… Battle of Bugle 45, Pacific… on appropriate maps with the right aircraft. superior vehicles were given SP. so it was even reasonably balanced. it was a long time ago.

unfortunately, these events were all abandoned because of a too undemanding community. the developers with AB/RB soul probably tore it down with pleasure.
If there are enough players and developers with ambition and claim then War Thunder could build a great sim with a bit more authenticity.